The Pimp Game

Those who think that the pimp game is something reserved for the American big city ghetto, are sorely mistaken. The pimp game is played outside of inner cities and all over the world too. And Holland is no exception.

Related imageAmsterdam is famous for its red lights district. A part of the city where women are ‘allowed’ – usually forced – to show their bodies in display windows to advertise sex for sale. There are more areas in the city where women can show their bodies for all to see, but those areas are less known to tourists. (Of course, there is also an underground sex trade that is not put on display.) Tourist and locals alike, make use of the women for sexual gratification. So, why would Pimp by Iceberg Slim still be seen as a shocking relay of the pimp game?

The book is a chilling account, because the ‘game’ is chilling. Pimps are not just looking to exploit women. They look specifically for women who have already been exploited and traumatized, to do their dirty work. Why would a traumatized girl or woman run away from an abusive home, to walk into the arms of a brutal sex slave overseer? Are the women so naive to think that a pimp is not abusive? Are the women so naive to think that the money they pass to the overseer is going to allow them to live in luxury in the after-whore life?

It has to do with the damage that has already been done to the women. They have been unprotected from harm before, and the pimp steps in with promises of protection – or more violence. Some pimps will talk using honey-sweet words, while they dig into the minds of these women to find all their weak spots. The pimps want to know exactly how to get to control these women, and what to threaten them with to keep them in check. A pimp will talk and talk, or threaten and threaten, to get the women to believe that he – and only he – can afford to give them the better life, or keep them from getting an even worse life.

The sweetest sweet-talking pimp tells the target woman that she is different from his other sex slaves. The other whores – horses in his stable – are just things that he has no feelings for, but she is different. She is a beautiful woman who he is going to treat like a princess. He promises her to show her the good life. But, a pimp can only pretend for so long. As soon as he gets the women to start selling sex, it is business as usual. Before the woman can recover from the shock of the almost instant transformation, she finds herself caught in his web and dangerous temper.

The pimp does as he pleases. He will be sweet if he needs to, but usually mean because that is what he his. Victims are made to believe that it is better to be abused and somewhat protected by the pimp, than to be abused and not protected at all. The pimp will be there to assure her that it is for the best to stay with him.

The most shocking thing about the pimp game? That regular Joe might live by the same rules of use and abuse. It is quite unnerving how many regular men live by the pimp rules. Their woman has to do as he says. She has to be available for sex, and be willing to be his maid who cooks and cleans. Usually she is not allowed to go out and have sex with other men. Instead, she is supposed to take care of the kids, to work so she can take care of the bills, as she does as he dictates.

Regular Joe is set up nicely, free to spend the money from his little job or, even worse, from her. He will have time to spend with his other women, if he chooses to be a player like that, while his bottom woman is at work, or taking the kids to the park. It may not seem as brutal as the real deal, but it may feel just as insane.



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