Too Much Black 1.1

Black Universe - AAAFrom Too Much Black
By No Black Pete (2011)

It is what they tell us. It is what they want us to believe. That we can have financial independence that will lead to a better life as we are accepted for who we are and where we are at.

Believing the lie made us outsiders, and forever bumping our heads against the glass walls keeping us out. Like unwanted stepchildren we are kept at bay with empty words and holed pockets. Even though unwanted, there is a way to participate in society without submitting to the unrewarding role of the unwanted child.

It is important to know the rules to their games. Especially the game of the white paranoid man in denial of himself. One might deem it necessary to resemble him as much as one can, but that is only to duplicate the denial and insanity. To resemble a white confused man is to deny oneself. Now, how is that going to help free ourselves?

What is needed is a strategy that enables us thorough understanding of the games and to understand how we are to play. There is no one solution that fits everyone. We have to come to our own understanding, and find solutions that fit.

We will recognize having found solutions, when we notice that we can handle situations that used to frighten and freeze us, and we can cope with the aftermath that may involve estranged feelings and emotions, and that we can make a conscious decision in how to continue the relationship with white society without losing our selves in it.


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