Too Much Black 1.2

Black Universe - AAAFrom Too Much Black
By No Black Pete (2011)

There is another way. It will take a hefty investment. One will have to sacrifice time, money and brain power. Our friends and family might not understand. Our coworkers might start to gossip about our deviant ways. However, no one knows your worth better than you should, and you know you are worth a bigger piece of the sky.

Let other people be satisfied with crumbs from their pie, as long as you now know better. Do not waste your time trying to save them by convincing them. You need that time yourself, to be able to make the big leap once you gain more understanding. This new venture requires you to give up on old behaviors and habits, among which how you spend your time and who you spend your time with.

Most people confuse freedom of choice with the freedom from influences and control. The richest man nor the most spiritual man is free from influences and control. But, what the richest man and the most spiritual man will most likely have in common is the freedom of choice. The richest man is presumed to have freedom of choice when it comes to material wealth, whereas the most spiritual man is presumed to have freedom of choice when it comes to spiritual access.

No matter the circumstances, we all have total control over the decisions we make. Start small if you have to, but start taking back control over your mind. So your circumstances no longer have to seem like fixed factors. We can make the decision to pretend the circumstances are not fixed, and get into the flow necessary to get things moving. Even when circumstances are fixed, it does not mean that we have to get stuck. So, it is a good thing that we can invest our time and other assets in changing our old behaviors that are holding us prisoners in our own minds, and reach for new behaviors that can set us free from this white state of being.


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