Too Much Black 1.3

Black Universe - AAAFrom Too Much Black
By No Black Pete (2011)

We have grown dependent on Uncle Sam. We loved him as one of our own, but we have been treated as Uncle Sam’s ugly stepchildren. We have been treated as backward children, too stupid to ever grow up. We are to open our eyes ourselves, and see that it is Uncle Sam who refuses to grow up.

The one pointing the finger is the one with the problem: three fingers pointing back. It is time to put our resentment to a side and claim our rightful throne as Sammy’s parents. We can show our maturity and stop playing along with Sam out of fear of punishment when Sam decides to throw a tantrum. An independent adult has much more say in matters than a dependent child. Now, who depends on whom?

It is not Sammy’s responsibility to lift us up to another level. Sam is a child that cannot handle that responsibility. We have been ruining ourselves to give Sam what he wants: more money, more mind, more war. Sammy will not take responsibility for how you get it as long as you give it. As we learn about the games, we will be able to explain to Sammy why he can only get a certain amount of money for as long as we buy into the role reversal. If Sammy wants more money, he will need to help us get some more first. How about Sammy gets a job? We point Sammy to get the money back from his own.


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