Too Much Black 2.1

Black QueenFrom Too Much Black
By No Black Pete (2012)

Do not attempt to deal with the system or its representatives by yourself. The system has all your information and knows exactly what you have been upto. You may think that you have the right to question them and stand up for your rights, but you need to understand that the system is above the law. Instead of justice be done, the system will increase the punishment and revoke your privileges.

The system has insured that you get attached to a lot of sick people and things. Your schooling and training on one side, advertisement and society on the other side. The system can easily move to block you and your career, take away all your material possessions, stress your personal relationships to the point of irreversible break-down, and cause you to separate from your own mind. This is all possible as separating you from your own mind started in kindergarten. And there are many signs that it may have already started in the hospital where you were born.

Whatever you think the system is, it is much worse. This system does not forget and it does not forgive. It never sleeps. It knows what you show and what you think does not show. It knows about your helpers and your demons. It knows your past, present and precog future. It knows more than you can remember to know. You need to arm yourself against it. Wisdom is hard to come by, so knowledge will have to do.

To know how to protect yourself and loosen from the system, you need information. A lot of information that can lead to understanding. Then to go out there and internalize that understanding through direct experience with the system. The knowledge of what the system is and how it operates, will lead to information on how to deal with the system, and for the dauntless ones, there will be access to information on to become independent from their system.

Do understand that to fight the system, is to be fighting yourself. The system does not exist apart from you. To rise above the system, means that you have to rise above yourself first. Do not be the one standing in your own way. Do not be the one standing in our way. Defiance without self-knowledge is futile. We set our own minds straight, so the system cannot possess it and have us do as it wants. We make up our own minds and take responsibility to become independent of the system – or at least, to learn the rules to no longer be brutally victimized.




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