Review of The Choice – The Black Poor Soldier

FOAM-richard-mosse-photography-toyheart-pink-congoA Review of The Choice by Samuel Yette
by Atiba King (1998)

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Chapter 4

D: The Blackpoor Soldier: A Mercenary Suicide

The Machiavellian machinations of the U.S. government that drive Black men into the armed services, the police departments, or the jails are covered in this section. Mr. Yette states in the first paragraph, “…young black men are required to give their lives in the pursuit of freedom while actually denying it to themselves and to their military victims elsewhere around the world.”

He then quotes from the Moynihan Report: March of 1965, pg. 42. ” In 1965 Negroes constituted 11.8% of the U.S. population but 8% of the armed services. If the more than 100,000 unemployed Negro men were in the military Negro male unemployment would drop from 9.1% to 7%.” The report goes on to point out that the military is the only experience open to the Negro American in which he is truly equal. Moynihan thinks this is a positive statement but it is a back handed slap to the face of all right thinking people. With this statement he levels what Mr. Yette calls, “the ultimate condemnation of U.S. society.”

In Chapter 2 Mr. Yette outlined the manner in which big business interests controlled and profited from the Job Corp. programs. During the creation of the job Corp Congress amended the Economic Opportunities Act solely, “…to prevent Job Corp programs from displacing presently employed workers or impairing existing contracts for services.” This was inserted into the regulations because the companies didn’t want to train their own competition.

What jobs were the various Job Corp programs training young people to do if they couldn’t work any pre-existing job? An OEO press release of August 23,1966 answers this question most forcefully. This statement is from the OEO director Sargent Shriver (a Kennedy in-law), “Job Corps has also done well in preparing youth for military service. Always 30% of all enrollees, upon graduation, enter the military service, even though the vast majority were totally ineligible before.”

Shriver had, in March of that same year advocated the registration and testing of all young people at age 16. This would give the U.S. Government time to perform remedial physical fitness, academic education, and motivational training to these youths. Then those without acceptable community opportunities would be directed to the military. The result, in Mr. Yette’s words would be called a volunteer army.

The last paragraph of this chapter has proven to be most prophetic. “Locked out in peace but licensed in war, a Black soldier is expendable in war but obsolete in peace. He is forever a candidate for extinction. It is compensatory suicide. A thousand men’s suicide is another man’s genocide.”

Explanatory Note:
The military is truly a “white male subconsciously homosexual institution”. You must examine the military without prejudice. The psychological attitude of an all-male army exhibits both adolescent and homosexual tendencies. The tendencies are sublimated but there none the less. The latent homosexual who maintains that condition for psychological reasons tends to indulge in behavior designed to cause pain. Adolescent in the way they group together as packs when in the camp or going to town.

Remember the Tailhook scandal? Grown men did childish, sexist things that were an organized yearly rite supervised and supported by seasoned officers. Salt peter is freely given in boot camp because the commanders wish to displace the desire for sex into a willingness to accept pain. Hazing is acceptable to new recruits. After battles rape is acceptable and often murderous. Homosexuals have been the best warriors in European history. The Greeks (Alexander first and foremost) and the Romans (every Emperor) codified homosexual love as the ultimate loves a man could achieve.

The leaders of all the western nations brag about their exploits during World War Two. They make war in a vain attempt to recapture the feeling of lost sexual aggression and one other very important reason. Sending young adolescent boys to kill or be killed is a way to reduce the competition for females. My fine Black, African sisters often speak of the shortage of suitable fine Black, African brothers.

White men have increased the numbers of young Black men in the combat arm of the military. Combine this with the fact that the U.S. judicial system is throwing more and more young Black men in jail. This full court press by the white power structure has reduced the competition for my fine Black, African sisters which provides further vindication of my statements.


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