Nutricide – Nutritional Genocide of the Afrikan

NutricideFrom Nutricide: The nutritional destruction of the Black race
by Dr. Llaila Afrika

Growth and Development of Infants

The natural development of the Afrikan baby’s mind, spirit, and body is suppressed. It is forcefully retarded, twisted, distorted, and perverted by subjecting the child to the very slow caucasian growth and development standards. Afrikan babies who have parents that follow Africentric standards of ethno-medicine and a natural Afrikan diet have children who develop and grow quickly. This is also related to melanin’s effect on the body. At birth the Afrikan baby can make eye contact, sit up, smile, and can intellectually participate in life. The child’s neurohormonal development is complete at 12 years of age (the child becomes an adult). Caucasians retarded (melanin deficient) adult growth is not complete until they reach 18 to 21 years of age.

Consequently the Afrikan is forced to depress its naturally accelerated holistic growth. This causes subclinical physical and mental illness, emotional reactions to suppression, and intellectually antagonistic reactions which result in decreased nutrient metabolism, weak immune systems, plus ill bonding with parents, family, and ancestors.

Forcing the baby and child to follow caucasian health standards and a junk food diet is ethnomedical racism. This results in development and growth constipation. The amount of damage done to Afrikan children by this type of white racism is beyond estimate. It is reflected in dropping out of school, juvenile jails, crimes, drug addiction, violence, broken homes, learning problems, diseases, psychosocial genocide, and nutricide (the nutritional destruction of Afrikans).

The Afrikan baby at birth is able to make social contact with its parents. Afrikan babies can sit erect, respond to, and know at a level that the caucasian baby is estimated to be three to six years behind in growth and development. Raising the Afrikan baby by caucasian standards is like raising an eagle (Afrikan) to believe that it is a chicken (caucasian) This constipates the Afrikan child’s growth and development and makes them easier servants to white supremacy. Also, it helps caucasians to destroy Afrikan family relationships. Consequently, any threat to unify and mobilize (Afrikan people) is directly defeated by white racism.

Bonding—The Betrayal

Bonding between parent and child connects the child to the parents’ world, culture, and spirituality. It defines life and empowers the child, It is a function of white racist institutions (education, health, nutrition, psychology, sociology, etc.) to destroy or damage the Afrikan human right to bond. Bonding is a political issue used to sustain white supremacy. An Afrikan that has bonding damage is easy to control, economically exploit, and manipulate. A woman who has bond damage is prone to abuse children, has inadequate mothering skills, and lacks mental and emotional stability. A bond- damaged man is prone to be self-destructive, has poor social skills, and has emotional problems.

Bond damage causes men and women to be violent, suicidal, sickly, and have a short life span. This human tragedy also causes the man to hide his feelings, to be easily agitated, and have conflicts understanding and using his cycles. The bond damaged woman waiting for unbalanced mental and emotional cycles to mature before altering their behavior distributes negative feelings to others or traumatizes herself.

A damaged bond does not allow the child to complete the defining of personality. Personality relates to the spirit. Marriage helps in bonding mind, body, and culture. If the personality is bond-damaged then concrete thinking and the physical world are used to fulfill the missing ingredients of an ill bond. This is typical of caucasian personalities. In any case, white racist institutions continue to damage Afrikans by dislocating the bond. They transfer the bond to white culture and this causes spiritual, physical, mental, and emotional illnesses.

For example, the original idea by Carter G. Woodson of a Negro History Day is now a white institution called Black History month with role models picked by caucasians. These role models, heroes, she-roes, and great Afrikan Amerikans qualify as Caucasian Afrikan American heroes because they worked for white organizations, served white institutions or organizations or entertained whites. I’m referring to people like Joe Louis, Marian Anderson, Thurgood Marshall, Jackie Robinson, W.E.B. DuBois, A. Phillip Randolph, Madame C. J. Walker, General Colin Powell, Hank Aaron, Jesse Jackson, etc. Afrikan importance is defined only as it relates to whites and helps transfer the bond to white culture. The extreme ugliness of caucasian bond destruction is that caucasians have become Afrikans’ surrogate mother, reality, culture, and world. This results in Afrikans becoming nutritional [ignorant].

Bonding is a necessary rite of passage and is the foundation of an Afrikan’s growth, development, and contact with the holistic world of seen and unseen energies. Bonding is a rhythmic (cyclic) process of the body, mind, and spirit. Without bonding the child is isolated from Afrikan holism. A natural foods diet and breastfeeding are essential for bonding. A bonded Afrikan child discovers why they are on earth and what their purpose is in life. An unbonded child struggles to discover whether they are safe enough to survive. The unbonded child tends to be violent. There is much conflicting information about bonding caused by white supremacy which forces Afrikans to adopt white standards for growth and development, nutrition, spirituality, and psychology.

Caucasians are sickly and for Afrikans to adopt sick caucasian standards of health is cultural treason and sheer ignorance. For example, the US Public Health Service indicates that over 250,000,000 junk food eating americans are in some state of disease while 1,000,000 can be vaguely classified as healthy. In other words, sickness is generally classified as health and this has an effect on bonding. Bonding is a unique rite of passage for Afrikans. White racism has destroyed or totally impaired healthy bonding.

The Afrikan parent and adults have to re-evaluate parenting, bonding, nutrition, and the Male/Female principles based upon the rapid holistic growth and development of the Afrikan child. Bonding destruction occurs when the Afrikan child and parent use caucasian superstitious health, bonding, growth, and development standards. For example, the Afrikan child uses words rhythmically plus synchronizes the words with facial expressions, voice tone, mood, and body movements. Thinking is a spiritual and physical activity for the Afrikan child. If the child is not rhythmically moving the body and using facial expressions then the Afrikan child is not thinking.

Historically, movement and the drum were used for instructing and educating the child in school. The caucasians outlawed the drum and continue to keep it out of the Afrikan child’s education, which is causing damaging effects on the child. An education without rhythm is a caucasian education. The drum, dance, and music are a natural part of learning all school subjects and not a separate isolated scheduled school activity. In Kemet Osiris taught mathematics with the use of the harp and drum.

Learning is a melaninated process. Melanin is a cyclic rhythmic substance that is dominant in Afrikans. Words are rhythmic sounds (phonic). Children associate sounds with body rhythm and senses. Consequently, words used by parents when speaking to children should be sense orientated with words associated with smell, sight, hearing, and touch. The adult should perform the child’s instructions. Modeling and learning by doing is instructive. The child views activities as cyclic—each movement has a beginning and an end.

For example, the adult tells the child to put on his shoes. The child reacts by putting the shoes on. The child will sometimes put the shoes on the wrong foot. Putting the shoes on is one complete cyclic task while putting the shoes on the correct foot is a separate cyclic task. Consequently, the adult should wait until the child has put the shoes on the wrong feet before telling the child to remove the shoes and start over. That’s another cyclic task.

In order to avoid this side effect of racism the adult should demonstrate the activity with the use of shoe/sock identifiers such as number, floor print, letter, or symbol codes. The adult should perform the task in a play/learning fashion. “Putting on the shoes” is understood by the child to be a name or label that is a property of the cyclic task.


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