Blind Ones Speak Up Too

Larry Elder – The Ten Things You Can’t Say in America

When Larry Elder talks, sparks fly, and he likes it that way. Fans of the radio talk-show host from Los Angeles, who call themselves Elderados, have dubbed him “the sage from South Central.” His critics–and there are many–use names that range from Oreo to the Antichrist. What’s it all about? Elder, a libertarian, lays down his controversial views in his first book, which attacks the politically correct, black leaders, feminists, gun-control advocates, and other “so-called liberals.”

Not surprisingly, his all-out attack on black leaders (whom he calls nutcases and hysterical) and white liberals has engendered a fair amount of hostility. With this kind of dialogue, it’s hard to believe Elder’s going to win too many converts. But for those who appreciate his views, or are curious about them, this book is a provocative and lively ride into the mind of one of the nation’s most outspoken black libertarians. –Lesley Reed

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A Dose of Politically Incorrect Thinking
Review by  Bryan Carey (2001)
[Notes by NBP (2013)]

Author Larry Elder is a talk- show host on KABC radio in Los Angeles, and the host of the television program “Moral Court”. He is a member of the Libertarian Party, and an outspoken critic of government.

1. Blacks are More Racist than Whites:
This is easily the most daring and most politically incorrect chapter in the book! Elder feels that blacks too often use race as an excuse for something bad that happens to them. He is very critical of affirmative action and of the majority of black leaders, like Jesse Jackson, who routinely use racism as an excuse when something goes wrong. Elder refers to this type of person as a “victocrat”. Jesse Jackson is definitely a victocrat, and so are millions of other people. This type of person wants to blame all unhappiness, all economic and social problems, and all negative aspects of life on someone else. Elder includes some outrageous examples, like Bill Cosby’s accusation that a group of scientists concocted the Aids virus as an attempt to exterminate all blacks.
[NBP: Bill Cosby got that half right! The WHO was used for the eugenical agenda of killing Black people with the man-made Aids virus. The WHO claimed success with ‘curing’ the smallpox virus, but all that had happened was that through the vaccination program, a worse virus was injected: gentech Aids. It was not ‘all’ Black people, though. This was a big-scale test run. Next in line is compound attacks, as they keep doing in Haiti.]

2. White condescension is as bad as black racism: What Elder is referring to here is the tendency of white people to go out of their way to show that they are unbiased and fair toward blacks, rather than just treating blacks like everyone else. This is often done out of fear of being labeled a racist, and it’s so true! I see it happen every day, where people are afraid to criticize someone of another race out of fear of being labeled racist. It’s especially commonplace in corporations, because of fear of lawsuits. Elder feels that this attitude hurts blacks, because it effectively lowers the standards for blacks; allowing them to slack a little, and underachieve because they know that they can get away with it.
[NBP: They will smile in your face, and hate behind your back. If Elder does not know them by know, then ‘he will never never never know them.’ “Ooh hoo hoo.”]

3. The Media Bias – It’s real, it’s Widespread, and it’s Destructive: Elder attacks television news and newspapers for the way they handle reporting and for the fact that they almost always present a liberal (more government is needed) slant. He talks about the tendency of newspapers to focus on the negative (bad news sells better) and to print any pro- government story, while usually ignoring any self- government alternative. He then gives specific examples of quotes that have been made by many of the best- known news anchors (like Dan Rather and Peter Jennings) and how obviously biased these people are. They all push the idea that government is somehow going to solve the world’s problems, in spite of so much evidence to the contrary. And they have no problem lying and deceiving the public, in order to push their agenda.
[NBP: Elder is a radio host, and television host, making appearances in the white media, while looking exactly like the white host of the show. Well, almost exactly. There is this color thing that cannot be bypassed. The mainstream media is not biased, it is scripted. The owners do not allow for bias. There is no opinion against the plan of the bosses. Since when do actors have their own opinions? They put on their make-up, play their part, remove the make-up, and go home. If people do not like the message, then they should turn of the tv. It is the alternative media that shows bias. As it should.]

4. The Glass Ceiling – Full of Holes: In this chapter, Elder talks about the issues of gender equality and the tendency of politicians to quickly jump on the bandwagon and push for gender- pay equality measures and for stricter sexual harassment laws. Again, politicians and people in the news just love to distort numbers and percentages, to make people think that something is terribly wrong and can only be corrected with government intervention. The issue of pay equality is a typical example of government deception. You have probably all heard the fact quoted that “women make only 70 cents for every dollar a man earns”. Well, this is true, but misleading. This fact is derived by taking all jobs in all areas, collectively, and then comparing the earnings made by men and women. It doesn’t compare within a certain occupation, like many believe. What this means is that, within a profession, like teaching, the pay is actually very close between the sexes. But, when you compare all jobs, men make more. The reason is because men tend to specialize in higher- paying occupations, while women tend to specialize in lower- paying occupations. If you think about it, this makes sense. Consider a typical college. How many women do you see studying engineering, science, and other high- paying fields of study? Usually, the women are more likely to be studying liberal arts and humanities subjects, which don’t pay as well. So, upon graduation, men are already more likely to be making more money, not because they are men, but because their chosen occupation pays more.
[NBP: So why are the occupations in which men specialize higher-paying? Why should an economist get paid more money? Economy is a white lie. It is the teacher at school that should be paid most for teaching the students to accept the lies. The teacher that teaches the distraction of liberal arts or humanities nonsense, should get paid as much as the teacher who demands the students to accept the lie of the economy. There is  no difference, except that the teacher of ‘soft’ studies will usually be a woman, and of ‘hard’ studies will usually be a man. Same occupation, yet the man will earn more for teaching ‘economics’. However, even when men work in fields dominated by women, they get paid more than the majority of those women. As for the core argument: for men to choose an occupation in which men specialize and thus make more money, is making more money for being a man.]

5. America’s Greatest Problem – not Crime, Racism, or Bad Schools – it’s Illegitimacy: Elder discusses a fact that most don’t want to talk about. There are, in his opinion, too many illegitimate births and too little emphasis on keeping the family unit together. Elder believes that crime, drugs, and most other social ills are magnified by the break- up of homes and the absence of a father figure in many households.
[NBP: Had he said illiteracy, then I could have understood. Being born out of wed-lock does not make a child illegitimate. There is no need to apply a legal term to children, unless they are state property. It makes more sense to explain why many men do not want to take care of their children, and why many cannot. Hint. Racism, Ignorance, Prison Pipeline, Bad Schools, Bad Health, Poverty, Exclusion, Police Misconduct, Church, and more Ignorance, are in the top 5. Well, top 10 then.] 

6. There is no Health Care Crisis: Here, Elder goes on another politically incorrect  tirade on the so- called health care “crisis” in America. He points the finger of blame to Medicare, excessive regulation, and the American Medical Association’s own attempts to limit the number of doctors as contributing to this “crisis”. What all of these things have done is upset the balance between supply and demand, with some serious consequences. Most notably, the prices of health care and prescription drugs have skyrocketed because of these government programs. And, what do liberal politicians and the media propose to solve the problem? What else- more government, which makes the situation worse and worse. Even Republicans are guilty of encouraging government involvement in health care. They claim to be against socialized medicine, yet they continuously pass bills that slowly move the country in that direction, a little at a time.
[NBP: It is so easy to deny Black Health crises with your eyes closed. Where does all the health scare money go to? Pharmaceutical industry. Has the pharma industry ever cured anything? No. It replaced smallpox with Aids. And, they poisoned our drinking water and GMO’d our food, making all of us part of one big ‘health scare experiment’. Remember Tuskegee. Pretty soon there will not be anyone alive who has not experienced a form of cancer, or carries gentech strains of viruses locked up in body fat.]

7. America’s Welfare State – the Tyranny of the Status Quo: Government has been trying for the last 40 years to solve the problem of poverty by implementing government programs. In reality, these programs have not solved any problems and have made many problems even worse. With welfare being quite generous in many states, there is really no incentive at all for a welfare recipient to start working. If you were on welfare and you knew you could make, say, $50 more per week if you worked, would that be enough incentive to give up 40 hours of your time, or would you rather just collect your welfare?
[NBP: I must have missed some memos. What government has been trying to solve what problem? Poverty is a well-proven method to keep a group of people to be (un)willing slaves. The daily quest for physical survival leaves little room for training the intellect. All government welfare programs are intended to keep poor people poor. Collecting welfare is for lazy people? Getting on welfare and keeping it, is a job in itself. But being a ‘darkie’ is apparently enough cause enough to get called ‘lazy’.]

8. Republicans vs. Democrats – maybe a Dime’s Worth of Difference: When you look at the overall package that each party offers, it’s quite clear that they both support bigger government and they both want to control you life, in one way or another. Take a look at the budget proposals by the two parties. You will see that the difference is about 3 to 5 percent, with the Republican proposal being the smaller one. Do you really care about a difference this tiny? This means that Democrats want to take you to hell at 100 miles per hour, while Republicans want to take you there at 95 to 97 miles per hour. Either way, you are going to arrive at your destination sooner or later.
[NBP: There is no need to compare. There is no red or blue, only white. Politicians are to help the world minority to stay in control. They choose red or blue, according to the beliefs that the blind followers are told to embrace, when they are questioned on issues. No matter which party gets in control over a public office, things will go further downhill for most of us. Politics is only entertainment meant to keep us blind to what is really going on.]

9. The War Against Drugs is Vietnam II, and we’re losing this one, too:  As anyone can plainly see, we have LOST the war on drugs! There is virtually no way to win a black market war. We should have learned our lesson with alcohol prohibition in the early part of the century, but we didn’t. Drugs are plentiful and they will always be around for one very obvious reason: MONEY!!!! There is a lot of money to be made by selling drugs, and no government program or threat is going to stop this. As a political insider, I can tell you that the majority of politicians already know the war on drugs is a failure, but they are too afraid to talk about it. They fear exploitation, from their opponents, if they make drug legalization an issue. They know that the average person doesn’t understand the economics of black markets, so they quietly continue to wage war on drugs; passing more programs, wasting more money, and invading our privacy, all in the name of fighting a cause that cannot be won.
[NBP: The war on drugs, is the war on US first, and the drugs that the government controls maybe second. The government needs the drugs money to fund all kinds of sick enterprises. Terrorists do not take food stamps for pay. The government wants sole rights on the distribution of drugs. Be it drugs it made illegal, or the equivalent pharma drugs that get handed out through official drug pushers: the doctors. The economics of the drugs market are simple. Use the government to create a monopoly, and create and inflate an army of slaves for the selling and use of the drugs. Throw the men in jail, and allow the women to have ‘illegitimate’ babies that can be formed into new slaves. Keep the drugs coming, and the money will continue to flow. They learned well from Vietnam.]

10. Gun Control Advocates – Good Guys with Blood on their Hands: In his final chapter, Elder discusses the goals of gun control advocates to eliminate all guns from America. He points out how this is not only impossible to accomplish, but also very dangerous. Felons and crooks will get guns on the black market, if necessary. No law is going to stop them. And if they can’t get a gun, they will resort to other weapons. The real losers will be ordinary citizens who will have no way to defend themselves against attack.
[NBP: If one understands that it is the government and their cronies that provide guns to the masses – through the military-industrial-complex that it funds – then it will be easy to understand that taking away the guns from all citizens, will ensure that the government will be in control of who is allowed to have a gun. It will not be the people who are in need of protection against the government and whomever the guns are still will be sold to. As long as war is profitable guns will be sold. The war – and the joke – is on us. (And they will continue to upgrade the weapons handed out to the police to terrorize us better.)

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