From Negro Back to Negus?

Oba T'Saka CoverNegus
by R. A. Waldron aka Baba Nu Heri Mensa Ogun (Author of The God Genes Decoded) [Edited]

Language: Ethiopian to Amharic
Definition: a King, it is used as a title of the sovereign of Ethiopia
Used in a statement: the Negus ruled Ethiopia until the coup of 1974

Due to the state of racial relations on planet earth, we felt it necessary to make some critical corrections relative to the culture of who are commonly referred to as Africans, people of African descent, Black people, Moors, West Indians, Rastafarians, and so on and so forth.

We were the first people to achieve classical civilizations and to travel our planet with the intent of improving the life of every member. The first people in Europe were Black people. We were the first people in Asia. We were the first. [Buddhist, Christians=] Kings, mathematicians, doctors, lawyers, architects, engineers, artist, designers, and so on and so forth.

The n-word is derived from Naga and romanized to Negus, and has been used in western cultures of the English language persuasion as a weapon to inflict psychological damage upon Africans, and people of visible African descent. This disdain for darker skinned people, which was only promoted by a small cabal of Europeans and Jews, was adopted by many others. It has to be corrected for the entire human race to evolve.

In too many civilizations on planet earth the color of a person’s skin determines the social caste that person is allowed to enter or the caste they are forced into. In these cases the darker you are in skin color the worst you are treated. White is considered to be the appropriate color of a ruler, this is certainly a reversal because history proves more of the opposite; there was a long time in many societies where the original people of the planet were respected and revered for their great contributions to human life – and not merely their skin color.

The words Negus and Naga etc, have been used historically by dark skinned people to show respect for Black men who have achieved a very high level of respect and honor among their people. In many parts of Africa the deity Ogun is referred to as Nago Ogun to mean the Black Ogun. He is also credited with aiding mankind on the continent of Africa with advancing civilization. In our culture people evolve up the evolutionary ladder and are recognized as deities, gods, and goddesses due to their successful efforts to gain such respect.

Because the first races of humanity lived on a continent where sunshine is intensely plentiful, it was only natural that their skin complexion would be dark. We know this as adaptation, this is not a sign of inferiority, ugliness of character, lack of intelligence, it is simply adaptation for living in an intense sunshine culture.

As our early ancestors moved up the Nile (Hapi) river valley and established great nations of antiquity with systems of writing, mathematics, architecture, engineering, astronomy, medicine, government, judiciary, and so on and so forth this term of endearment took several forms and pronunciations. Thus we see in Ethiopia the title Negus is used as a title for Kings.

With simple research we can easily prove that Ancient Ethiopia had the same language and culture as the people of Egypt/Khemit, Sudan/Nubia, etc; if you were to research the Coptic language of Ethiopia you will come to learn that it is the survival of the ancient Egyptian/Khemau language. Factually speaking, early Egyptologist studied Coptic to get an understanding of not only how to pronounce ancient Egyptian/Khemau words, but also to get a clearer idea of the meaning and use of the word.

To this day there are still temples in the land of Ethiopia with Heiroglyphs (Metu Neter) that are built in the same style as the temples you find in ancient Egypt/Khemit and the Sudan.

We chose to use the image of Ausar (not Osiris) not only because he was called the Lord of the Perfect Black but because he is credited with bringing civilization to humanity along with his wife Auset (not Isis). Ausar is a God of Serpentine [=Naga] wisdom and Farming, hence he is also depicted green, this is because the people identified their evolutionary salvation with the soil that nourished the crops that fed them; this soil is black due to the silt that is deposited from the Nile. The green of the plants is self explanatory and Ausar is seen depicted as the very soil from which the crops grow from.

Ausar is used as the identity of the Aquarian constellation and we are now in the transition point from the age of Pisces to the age of Aquarius […]. Ausar is called the Lord of the resurrection and is thus called Ausar-res (Osiris) from the earliest of times, the age of Aquarius is the resurrection and return of Ausar, thus it is imperative that people of direct African descent resurrect their ancestral history and culture and use the wisdom of it to unify our planet like Ausar did for the people of the Nile Valley.

The story of Ausar is one of the most popular stories used to inspire the people of the Nile Valley, it allowed the nations of Nubia, Kush, Khemit (Egypt), Punt, and Ta-Meroe to maintain a cohesive cultural identity amongst themselves.

The word Negus:
If a people have been using a word for thousands of years and it is later reintroduced to them after a cultural genocide has been enacted against them, at some point their ancestral momentum is going to partake in the use of that word. This is the reason why it is unreasonable to expect people of African Descent in America and some other countries to stop using the n-word.

It is more reasonable to spread the knowledge that proves this word is not a negative word, and that it is not enough to state that is ok to use the word because you mean no harm when using it. It is critical that all people on planet earth know that the n-word and or several other sounding words had been original used to designate royalty, strength, courage, power, and wisdom.

The word Negus/Naga is derived from the NG and NK consonants, our ancient and wise ancestors wrote their language without vowels to avoid loosing the diversity of language through pronunciation; or we can state that the most important parts of a word or history of a word are the consonants.

Thus from NG comes the word ink which is usually dark in color, from NG comes the word neck which is one of the darkest areas of our body; and from NG comes the word ankle which also is one of the darkest areas of our body. The word ankle is obviously related to the Egyptian/Khemau word Ankh whence anchor is derived for very profound reasons.

The ankle is a part of the foot which is our root and foundation as the original people of the planet are the root and foundational race of the place. Thus Ausar is sometimes depicted with three snakes, one around his neck, another around his ankle, and the third around his waist (the word waist is the other pronunciation of his wife Auset, as he is also called wesir, she is also called weset or west/waist; the west is associated with darkness as the east is associated with light). In ancient Khemit/Egypt, the Ankh was made of copper which is a key ingredient in melanin.

Furthermore the name for slipper is nk, this a demonstration of a people who’s language reinforced their wisdom. The soul or base of the human foot is not optimal for walking through the desert, thus the slippers these ancient people used were not only similar in shape to the ankh but were also named thus. The slipper gave them a foundation upon which they can travel across the desert sands, a sand that is so ancient its grains are weathered smoother than ball bearings and are currently being used for snow boarding.

Thus the desert itself behaves like an ocean of water and water is the foundation of life, for this reason Ausar is the water bearer Aquarius depicted on the circular zodiac of Denderah because the ancient Egyptians knew that civilization on our planet began in the age of Aquarius in the processional Zodiac. Before this happens our planet lines up with the center of the universe, the galactic core and is infused with the wisdom and power of the most ancient of Gods and Goddesses that created our universe.

This and other events on our planet colluded to inspire our primate ancestors to better use their minds for the development of weapons for defense which were then used as tools for civilization building.

To be called the n-word is clearly not to be called a God. To be called Negus is to be called a King, a wise and powerful leader. Furthermore the sound itself activates kundalini which dwells at the base of our spine along with the root chakras. Negus, Nago, Naga, Naka, Akan, Kan, Genghis, Ganges, Ankh, Inca, Enka, Enki, Anki, Kun, Kunta, Ken, Kenti and the list goes on.

Source: http://hourtruth .com/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=6&Itemid=8



3 comments on “From Negro Back to Negus?

  1. dorian murry says:

    So true. The Greeks stole Egyptian mythology and there religion. Thats why even the pope knows and worships a black Modanna. Ones truth is a threat to ones sense of self. What society,however, has taught as the norm is Jesus is white. There was no “J” in the hebrew language. The original jews were black. Jesus or Yaweh was a hebrew. Schools will not teach the truth because it would be a threat to “Their” norm and sense of self. Some people just simply feel better about themselves living in false society norms and follow it. No different than peer pressure in school. So when real truth is told, it’s too much for certain races to handle and they feel more “Comfortable” living in peer pressured, false, fake society norms. Black is natural like the soil. And so is the earth and Yah. The deeper you go into the earth, the darker the soil. Too many people can’t go deep because truth dwells there and it hurts. We live in a peer pressured artificial society. Believeing everything that is told, but not reading between the lines.

  2. Soulrebel says:

    Wow! I can validate just about everything you’ve stated here through my own personal findings and readings. This is so true! Do you have a Facebook or a twitter account so I can follow you for alerts on further insights?

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