The Need for Maturity Rituals

Don't Shoot - SOSThe Need for Maturity Rituals
By Pineal Gland Mystique

[America] does not have rituals to help its youth properly channel energy and also to know when certain stages of life ends and new one begins. This is especially so for African-Americans who are the descendants of people who were known for their ceremonial rituals and rites of passage that helped the transition from childhood to manhood and womanhood.

But the archetypal energy of these ancient rites are still present in the DNA. However, because our bodies are so filled up with chemical toxins from all the fast food, junk food, sugary treats, drugs (including marijuana), personal hygiene products, etc. the attempt to express the activity of ancient rites of passage are flawed and defective and comes out via gang-banging – having to kill an innocent person to become a member of a gang and have a sense of belonging, or having to rape some girl to become a member, or some other nefarious activity all so that you can now belong to something or a group.

In addition to the sense of belonging, the sense of accomplishment is always present with us but without proper guidance and activation of the higher chakras, we will seek to accomplish anything, including insalubrious things such as the accomplishment of killing somebody, assaulting or beating up someone, going to jail, sodomizing someone and taking their manhood, raping a girl or woman, making a female perform oral sex and swallow one’s sperm, penetrating a female in her rectum, stealing someone’s personal property, etc.

For many Black male youth, it is an esteemed accomplishment to go to jail and serve time and have a criminal record. In many Black communities across the country, the person who goes to jail gets more respect than the young man who goes to college and graduates. This is a big reason why today many inner city males chose to be thugs, criminals, pimps, hustlers and other degenerate things – simply because by being one of these things they’ll get more play (respect, attention) from the ladies. These kinds of dudes were and still are rewarded with more easy and free sex from the females than the so-called nerd, bookworm, or brutha (brother) with a head on his shoulders. This is sad and unfortunate but true.

Nowadays, thugs get damn near all of the play with the ladies so it’s no wonder why a lot of Black male youth desire to be a thug when they can be anything including a doctor, lawyer, engineer, judge, architect, politician, professor, Congressman, assemblyman, spiritual advisor, holistic health practitioner, radio host, etc.


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