Black People In Concentration Camps

Black Girl in Nazi GermanyBlack Germans

Nazi Germany’s racial policies targeted a number of so-called “inferior” groups, among them people of African descent, who were considered to be degenerate influences on the superior Aryan race. To prevent racial mixing, many Black Germans were sterilized or sent to concentration camps. Some fled to escape this fate, while those few who remained were deprived of education or employment, sometimes surviving by working as actors or in circuses.

The Nazis banned jazz music because it was invented by Black people. They thought that the “Black race” was inferior. In their eyes the “Aryan” race was superior, better than all other “races.”

In 1933 at least 5,000 Black people, mainly men, lived in Germany. Most of them came from German colonies in Africa. Some were married to German women and had children with them. At first, the Nazis wanted to pretend that Black people were treated better in Germany than in other countries. But eventually over three thousand Black Germans were put into concentration camps.

After the First World War, France occupied the German Rhineland. The French army of occupation included Black soldiers from the French colonies. Some of them had children with German women. These children were called “Rhineland bastards.” The Nazis thought it was a scandal that white German woman had children with Black soldiers. In 1937, 385 of these children were rounded up and sterilised in clinics. They would never be able to have children.




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