Eugenics – Extermination Examination

ExterminationOctober 12, 1926.President Guy W. Bailey, University of Vermont, Burlington, Vt.

My dear President Bailey:

You will be rejoiced to learn that a resident of Vermont, who asks that the name be withheld, has come forward with a voluntary offer to finance a second year study conducted by the present Survey to the extent of $5000.00.

We estimate that this will take care of the more essential expenses, especially if the following program or some similar program be approved by you.

1. It is suggested that the purpose of the Survey for the second year’s work be a study of village and city schools.  2. This study aims to give each group of pupils group tests, and afterwards such children as showed low mentality or were reported to be 2 or more years retarded, would be given a careful psychological and psychiatric examination. The method of accomplishing these examinations is referred to below.  3. If these examinations turn out as would seem likely from this year’s Survey, it is possible that evidence would be accumulated which would increase the chance of accomplishing the two following things:   A. Increased legislative appropriation for the maintenance and enlargement of the School for the Feebleminded at Brandon with a possibility of increased colony groups.   B. Establishment by the School Boards of special classes, at least one in each city and larger village, in which classes retarded and subnormal children could be given special training under expert teachers.

In the carrying on of the psychological and psychiatric examinations, it is hoped that our Survey may be able to secure the cooperation of outside agencies. The National Committee of Mental Hygiene has already been approached with a view to this.

I know that you will rejoice with me in me in the good fortune that has come to us in securing the necessary sinews of war for another year’s work. May I ask you to read this letter again carefully, and give me at your early convenience (in the form of marginal notes on this sheet, if you prefer) your reactions to these suggestions? May I ask you to be ready to attend a meeting of the Advisory Committee in Burlington, your expenses to be paid by the Survey? The date of the meeting will probably be during the second week of November, but you will be advised definitely as soon as possible. It will help if you will give us your free dates from the seventh to the fourteenth.

Very cordially yours,
[H. F. Perkins]

(This letter was sent to Mr. Charles Wilson, Dr. E. A. Stanley, Mr. R. H. Walker, Dr. C. F. Dalton, President Guy W. Bailey, Mr. Clarence H. Dempsey, Judge John E. Weeks, Dr. T. J. Allen, Miss Lena C. Ross, Prof. K. R. B. Flint)



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