Watch Your Thoughts

Dark SideA thought that makes you feel good is not necessarily a thought that is good for you
By Atiba King (2009)

I got a problem with all religions but there is a special place for those who think buddhist teachings can replace western oppressive religions. They do not know the history of Buddism. Read a biography of Buddha and you will find out that: “In his own lifetime Buddha showed a real talent for organization. He did not exclude the lower strata of society from the message but he specifically recognized the ownership of men by others and boasted of the “sons of noble family” who joined his order in which “Pariahs appear to have been the rare exceptions.”At the outset his disciples were classified  on the system of the Brahmans. Cripples, the sick, criminals, and many others could not join. Various questions were put to would be adherents: “Are you suffering from leprosy, consumption, or vertigo? Do you have debts? Are you not in royal service? Are you a man? Are you a human being? Are you your own master?” and so on. In conformity with the brutal patriarchy of India, women were only accepted reluctantly as disciples in the original Buddhist order. They were subordinate to men and remained dependent. The whole order enjoyed the favor of the rulers and fitted perfectly with Indian Life.”
The above comes from a biography of Buddha written in 1914 by H. Oldenberg.

I also see parallels with this and Black peoples efforts to write ourselves into American history and life. We were never intended to be equal with white people. The henry louis gates jr episode with the police should be a reminder that we still are not equal in white folks eyes and they are the power in this country. [This is about the Harvard professor who got arrested on his own porch in 2009 for being Black. NBP] A local police union has the power to make the president of the entire country apologize. This can only happen because the president is curently a black man.



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  1. IzzieJ says:

    Well said! Another great post!-Izzie J

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