The Business of Their Numbers

DominationFrom Three Models of the Jewish Problem – A Comparison
Speech given by Knud Eriksen at Revisionist Conference May 26-27, 2007, Hillsboro, West Virginia

I could probably be called many things, but not a holocaust revisionist, as I don’t deserve that, knowing so little about it. All I have said publicly on that subject has been to quote one or two revisionists and to air some skepticism about Jewish statistics. Of course that has been sufficient for the leader of the Danish Jews to label me a “Holocaust-denier”, even the first one on his list. But that must again be something about my name, and not my accomplishments, since my family name “Eriksen” is early in the alphabet. Certainly I am skeptical about Jewish statistics, which I find to be a wild subject, where millions appear and disappear.

Figures from Jewish sources – always Jewish sources! – may show more Jews alive after World War II, after 6 millions had disappeared, and maybe then some Jewish rabbis have put an extra “0” in there, so that 6 millions should really be 600.000, as some revisionist research indicates. On the other hand a total of perhaps 20 million Jews in the world today, has possibly forgotten a “0”, so that the real figure should be 200 million Jews in the world. At least that would explain why they seem to be everywhere!

With such skepticism I feel, that I am in good company, since Mark Twain, when presented with the figure of how many Jews lived in the United States then, said:

“You will say that the Jew is everywhere numerically feeble. When I read in the Cyclopedia Britannica that the Jewish population in the United States was 250,000 I wrote the editor and explained to him that I was personally acquainted with more Jews than that, and that his figures were without a doubt a misprint for 25,000,000 ……”

If he could correct two zeros, I suppose I am on the safe side if I question one zero.

“But what does a Dane come all the way to America to tell us about at a Revisionist Conference?” Many of You must wonder. Well, I wondered a lot myself, to be honest. Should I talk about the Mohammed cartoons that put Denmark on the map for many who had until then thought, that we were the capital of Sweden, or should I talk about how Denmark has been used repeatedly in Zionist causes, lately as Mr. Bush’s lapdog in Iraq.

Or should I talk about the draconian “hatelaws” of the European Union, where little Denmark still holds out with at least some freedom of speech or might you be interested in how Denmark is said to be almost as unique as the Holocaust itself, by saving the Danish Jews from the Holocaust during The second World War, as Jewish organizations celebrate and promote again and again. Well, I thought I could best talk interestingly about that which interests me the most.


As non-Jewish societies have had trouble with the Jews living amongst them since we first heard of Jews more than two thousand years ago, to the point where these Jews have been persecuted, murdered and expelled, from country after country, it must be reasonable to state, that there has, indeed, been a problem. Seen from the side of the Jews, this has been called hate of Jews, anti-Semitism and persecution. Seen from the side of non-Jews, it has been described repeatedly as domination, disloyalty, treason, hatred, usury, criminality, immorality, perversion and destruction of non-Jewish values and societies, and creating a Jewish state inside non-Jewish states.

Most leading Jews today see, or at least profess to see – the problem as an irrationality amongst non-Jews, actually a mental illness, stemming all the way back from early Christian times, where the main complaint against the Jews was said to be, that they were the power behind the crucifixion of Christ, or, since the problem in reality reaches much further back, it is supposed to be a mental illness inexplicably existing in all non-Jews.

The leading Jews today, being spokesmen and directors of powerful Jewish groups and organizations in the USA and elsewhere in the world, apparently believe, that indoctrinating the masses today through mass-media, and inducing a guilt complex in westerners for their collective guilt in the alleged killing of six million Jews in the last Great War, will protect them from the effects of this apparently incurable mental illness in non-Jews, if they also arrange to jail, murder or otherwise destroy the most “incurable” opposition leaders, the ringleaders of this so-called anti-Semitism. This is called by themselves: “teaching the public and combating racism”.

From the other side, our side, the non-Jewish side, the problem is seen in different ways, and I will try to go into that in this talk.

First of all, many have said and will say today, that there is no Jewish problem per se, (that is: by itself), but only a gigantic 20th – and now 21st Century problem for all of humanity. We are all in the same boat, or on this same globe, which we can today wipe out in a split second through atomic bombs or other so-called weapons of mass destruction, and we are all responsible for letting a problem grow to such life-threatening proportions, without being able to solve it.

It was also the viewpoint of the author of the book The Zionist Factor, Ivor Benson, and it was the viewpoint of former Times correspondent and author, Douglas Reed before him, as expressed in his most famous book, The Controversy of Zion – a book, I have placed on the internet, […].

It is not fair – also not workable – to put all the blame on Jews, for a “Jewish problem”, for that is not correct, since the problem had not grown to such proportions if we had been awake and aware, and just as importantly: that explanation does not empower ourselves.

We […] need to wake up and become empowered. To take responsibility for our own past, present and future. And in so far as a specific Jewish blame or role is isolated and postulated by me, I want to make it very clear right now, that I do not blame all Jews for the state of the affair. “Let the chips fall where they may”, is the principle I follow here, quoting David Duke, who’s definition of “Jewish Supremacists” I will be referring to, when I say “Jews”.


 1) The first model is The Jewish Conspiracy to rule and enslave the world.

2) The second model is The survival method of a minority Jewish community amongst non-Jewish societies.

3) The third model is Mental states and shortcomings in Jews and non-Jews which need to be understood and improved, whether they are genetically based or not.

For short let me call them

“Conspiracy to Enslave”,
“Survival of the Fittest” and
“Mental Illness”.



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