Going Back to Kemet

remember-the-times-kolongiThe Sacred Script of Our Ancestors
By Atiba King (2008)

One of the great tragedies of [our] lives is our ignorance of the true nature of the Creator’s intent. Many of us believe we exist due to an error committed by our parents in the heat of passion. We believe we are in these physical forms due to the accidental assembling of atoms, molecules, and DNA. We believe we are trapped in an endless cycle of futile actions due to our own impotent lack of knowledge.

Do you think all these beliefs are created for us by some people with the help of some entities in order to keep us from receiving and accepting the truth about the intent of the Creator in causing life to become that which we experience? Do you wonder how we can ever come to ascertain for ourselves the reason for our existence? How can we ever come to understand the true nature of the Creator of all existence? Is it possible to reach a level of spiritual, mental, and physical refinement and strength that will allow us to become all that the Creator intends for us to become?

If your concept of God is that of a Creator that has love for all life then the only correct answer is YES! This can be stated with unqualified certainty by anyone who has studied the wisdom of our learned ancestors of KMT contained in the MDW NTR.

The term MDW NTR does not refer to a book or a collection of scrolls or videotape lectures from any scholar or wise men. MDW NTR is the name of the writing system used by the wisdom systems of KMT that are most often referred to by the greek name of hieroglyphs. Each symbol in the MDW NTR contains thoughts and ideas that can inform you of multiple meanings of knowledge. The strictly grammarian definitions of the MDW NTR are a fictitious concoction devised by european discoverers who were blinded by their own ego in a hypocritical race for fame and fortune.

This is not to say that we should not learn their fictions. We must not become trapped by their illusions. I am reminded of the many years I spent as a musician listening to musicians who could not read a note of music play so much better than the musicians who could only read music. To be trapped by the written note is a limitation we always tried to avoid. It was important to learn to read music so the process of communication with other musicians would be easier. It was more important to put the music down and close your eyes to listen to your heart when it came time to perform in public.

The same process has to occur when studying MDW NTR. To become trapped by the grammar rules created by the destroyers of all life on the planet is an abomination to the Creator of all life. We must learn the rules of grammar without becoming trapped by the rules. This is the same process musicians use to avoid being trapped by those “dots” on the paper. Avoid becoming trapped by transliterations and making correlations to hebrew, latin, and english based on them. You are circling the top of the rabbit hole without ever going down into the wonders of eternity.

Source: http://www.myspace.com/tehutionline/blog/373158225


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