Some Food For the Higher Mind

Weighing of the Heart

Ankh Amen (Alchemy)

There are 9 axioms of truth
And 42 divine laws upon which the universe stays put
THE ALL is not gender specific
So why, only thank him
When you were her fruit
Creation is female so give thanks
To Khepera and Nut
The axiom of gender
Beyond physical
Is so subliminal

Not related to sex, but in a spiritual context
Anthropomorphic evaluations become
Absolutely obsolete
And now your searching for the root
Beyond Kunta and your Kinte cloth
Is Thoth
The divine wisdom that gave us thought
The Ibis scribe came to describe
A 9 ethereal equation
To keep you eternally alive
The law could never be blindfolded
See their system is based on
Perpetrating, parodying, plagiarizers
Parading with half knowledge and untruths
Performing tricks to make you further believe
That the law patrols your neighborhood with nightsticks

Little did you know
That the law is represented
By a Black female Maat
Whose 42 principles lighten your heart
Making it further light
Than the feathers plight
And giving it life eternal outside of the light
In the valley of Kekut
Where heart, mind and life force
Reunite for the infinite

In fine nights from which everything in existence
The Black female represented the law
So be sure to show her the maximum respect
Don’t let Sebek be subjected to Set
Or your intellect be enslaved
To your physical emotional dialect
The Goddess we must resurrect
Cause the people of the Sun erected
Pyramids in her vision
Created civilization
Which Icemen transformed into Syphilization

Until the cycle gets repeat
The principle of Rhythm makes them self-deplete
Until Kali Yuga is complete
Divine law can be delayed
But the Neteru makes it never betrayed
In the Book of Coming Forth
It was written by Thoth
They call it The Book of The Dead
Cause they want us to be misled
To sink into the 6th ether of their barbary
So I quote from Cheikh Anta Diop’s
Two Cradle Theory
And then reacquaint you
With Tehuti’s axiom of polarity
Opposites are identical in nature
But different in degree
So at the end of Yurugu is we
The first axiom is free
Allowing me to perform verbal alchemy
See the Universe is mental and all is mind
So words make mere mortals divine
Alchemy of the highest level

Metamorphisizing the mind
So use the equation to become Goddess or god
Cause THE ALL is in all
And within all is the energy to be Godly
Beyond the sixth sense
Practice the axiom of correspondence
As above so below, as below so above
Use your Ka and Ba to make your
Physical invincible

The spirit elevates your matter temple
Which according to the vibration principle
Vibrates at the lowest frequency
As all, in THE ALL vibrates
Except THE ALL
And at Ba level
The vibrations frequency
Makes spirit energy seem stationary

Until you meditate and make all thoughts transitory
But most aren’t ready
See the principle of causality explains to us thoroughly
The effect of us giving knowledge to
Beings who weren’t ready
Lead to two thousand seasons
Of our misery
And loosing the way, is encrypted by Kwei
Its repercussions resonate until today
But out of the day grows the night

And out of the night Khepera emerges with Re
The growth principle applies also to creation
Altering size from one point in space and time to the next
In line with pyramid texts
Cause our Cosmos’s energy is recurrence and counter-recurrence
As Tehuti’s breathing principle increases our life force
That’s why Unblind gave you Oxygen

To balance your Testosterone with Estrogen
Per Ankh is then no longer mysterious to them
In this script Tehuti’s 9 axioms live again
And with 42 principles
Of Maat’s law
Your heart and mind
Way less than the feather
So you reside with THE ALL

In Amenata forever
Thank the Goddess Khepera
And self-create
Your essence on the darkest
Scale of FOREVER.



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