Kemetic Nutritional System

Auset NDTKemetic Nutritional System
From Assata Shakur Forum [Edited]

If there are sensitive subjects, this is one of them. This is not because we do not want a perfect diet, but because there are groups of interests in modern societies that understand that the best way to control a person or groups of people is to control their needs and the most important aspects of people’s lives. Going from this principle, every important aspect of human life to individuals and societies has fallen victim to the power game among forces which are trying to control the society.

In contemporary society, it was first the control of the land that was initiated by dukes and lords of the diverse European kingdoms of the thirteenth century. One can remember that the farmers have simply been dispossessed from the land and were reduced to the level of a common workforce who are easier to manipulate because they could not produce their own food. The same principle transpires in the spiritual field where one can see the zeal of organized religions in their will to divert individuals from their idolatric and polytheistic tendencies or simply from their local faiths to their structured beliefs that are made according to the socio-politic orientation. One will not finish reciting examples, but one should simply understand that it is a question of power and control that do not necessarily make sense.

If we place the diet in the domain of health, we will understand that this domain does not elude the power and control struggle. Let’s be honest and courageous; it is not a secret that the health field is simply and purely an industry, and as any industry, it obeys the [law of profit]. You are [to see] yourself as a human being that deserves to be protected, valued and respected.

It is a question of power and control of the society. Meat has been recognized by the scientific world as simply bad for any person forty or older. This is known in every country except this one; considering how big the meat industry is in the US, there is no need to ask why people don’t know!

For the last thirty years, all the so-called scientific research has unanimously agreed on the fact that eggs raise the cholesterol level in the blood…now that the egg industry has grown, the so-called new studies are trying to prove that “you need eggs”.

Who are they making fun of? It is a very gross error to think that we can put the question of our health into the hands of an institution that is totally impersonal and without a face inside which we can try to find signs of comfort and honesty.

One of the best nutritional guides that is over 40,000 years old is taught in the Kemetic temples – food is divided into two big groups. The first group is the one we call the staple. It is composed of cereals (maize, rice, millet, wheat, etc), vegetables (spinach, onions, tomatoes, okra, carrots, etc) and starches (potatoes, yam, taro, etc.). The second group is the group of occasional food. It is composed of animal products (red and white meat, fish, insects, etc) and two groups of vegetable products: fruits and nuts.

Source: http://www.assatashakur .org/forum/kemetic-neteru/49238-kemetic-nutritional-system.html



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