Black health – Some Old Statistics

delusionAfrican American Health Statistics
By Dr. Llaila Afrika (2008)

This is just a small sampling of the health issues facing African Americans. Here are just a few statistics.

•63,500 African Americans will die from cancer next year.
•Breast cancer is the second leading cause of cancer death among African American women, exceeded only by lung cancer.
•African American men have far higher death rates from prostate cancer than any other racial or ethnic group.
•130,800 new African American cancer cases are expected to be diagnosed in 2009. African Americans with cancer have a shorter survival than whites in all stages of diagnoses.

•Approximately eleven percent of all African Americans have diabetes.
•Black people with diabetes experience kidney failure about four times more often than diabetic white Americans.
•In 2008, diabetes is the leading cause of blindness among African American men ad women.
•The death rate for Black Americans with diabetes is 40% higher than other races and cultures.

High Blood Pressure:
•80% of all Black people over the age of 45 have high blood pressure “The silent killer”.
•Stress, poor diet, alcohol and drugs are some of the major causes.
•Compared with any other group, African women are more likely to get heart disease and die from complications.

•Black men are more likely to be diagnosed with hip osteoarthritis than white men.

•African Americans have twice as many strokes as white Americans.

•One in every 250 African American women has Lupus.

•60% of African Americans are overweight.
•80% of overweight African American women over the age of 50 are obese.

Natural cures for African Americans do exist. Here are just a few examples of why African Holistic health or alternative healthcare treatment is needed in the Black community.

Many senior citizens are struggling with health costs or have no insurance at all. According to the National Coalition on Health Care, there are over 46 million people in the United States without health insurance. Black family alternative health care is greatly needed. Black health practitioners are greatly needed.

African American doctors need to look beyond western medicine for natural healing alternatives and treatment protocol. Inner city Black family health care centers need to be built using all natural treatment programs, natural foods (whole foods), and all natural medicinal recipes.

Source: http://www.drafrika. com/african-american-health-statistics.php


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