endaids-coverEND AIDS!
Break the Chains of Pharmaceutical Colonialism
Dr Rath Health Foundation

This book documents the background of a court case that is scheduled for trial in the High Court of Cape Town in late 2007. The case is about the basic right of free access to natural health. Seeking to restrict this right are the promoters of the multi-billion Rand business with ARVs, such as the board of “South African Medical Association” and the ARV pressure group “Treatment Action Campaign.” Defending this fundamental right of free access to natural health for the people of South Africa are the Dr Rath Foundation and the Government of South Africa.

The pharmaceutical business with disease is one of the world’s most profitable investment industries.
From the perspective of this investment industry, diseases and epidemics are multi-billion Rand market place for patented drugs. Promoting and expanding diseases increases profits for this industry. In contrast, eradicating diseases destroys their very market places and, eventually, will destroy the industry itself. Thus, the stakeholders of this industry will do everything to prevent that from happening.

These obvious business laws are also the governing principles for the pharmaceutical industry’s approach to the AIDS epidemic in Africa and the developing world. Adhering to these laws is the basis for the expanding multi-billion Rand business with anti-retro-viral drugs (ARVs). Since ARV drugs are known to be no cure for AIDS and since financial resources in the developing world are scarce, the pharmaceutical multinationals depend on organisations that promote ARV drugs and push the governments of Africa to pay for these drugs. Under the deceptive veils of “charity” and “modern medicine” the AIDS epidemic is being developed into a gold mine for the drug industry.

From a scientific point of view, promoting ARV drugs to AIDS patients as a “cure” or as “life-saving” is a fraud. Moreover, the dimension of human suffering and death from the widespread use of these harmful drugs has reached genocidal proportions.

Over recent years this fraudulent business with the AIDS epidemic has been publicly criticised by a growing number of scientists, health organisations and even governments. This criticism has also exposed those organisations that are actively promoting ARVs in South Africa. Now, two of these organisations have chosen to launch a counter-attack – apparently in a desperate effort to distract from their questionable activities. The so-called “Treatment Action Campaign (TAC),” a group notorious for “organising rented crowds for the drug industry” has teamed up with executives of the “South African Medical Association” (SAMA) with close ties to drug interests. The background of both these organisations is detailed in this book.

Download (PDF, 336 kB)

CHAPTER 1: The Hallmark of Pharmaceutical Colonialism
Download (PDF, 3.42 MB)

CHAPTER 2: The Nature of the Pharmaceutical Investment Business With Disease
Download (PDF, 296 kB)

CHAPTER 3: The Pharmaceutical Investment Business With the AIDS Epidemic
Download (PDF, 2.13 MB)

CHAPTER 4: The Vitamin Community Programme in Khayelitsha
CHAPTER 5: Micronutrients Help Improve Immune Deficiencies – The Scientific Evidence –
CHAPTER 6: Micronutrients Help Improve Immune Deficiencies – Support from WHO / UNICEF and other UN-Organisations –
CHAPTER 7: The Origin of Pharmaceutical Colonialism
CHAPTER 8: The Pharmaceutical Industry Behind the Medical Experiments in the Nazi Concentration Camps
CHAPTER 9: The Pharmaceutical Industry As an Economic Pillar of Apartheid South Africa
CHAPTER 10: Apartheid Laws Protecting the Pharmaceutical Investment Business Across Africa
CHAPTER 11: Stakeholders of the Pharmaceutical Investment Business in Democratic South Africa
CHAPTER 12: The Historic Parallel of the TAC
CHAPTER 13: The SAMA / TAC Lawsuit Brought against Dr Rath and the Government of South Africa
CHAPTER 14: Work of the Dr Rath Foundation in South Africa
CHAPTER 15: Blueprint For a Healthy Nation: Overcoming Health Illiteracy


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