Black Anon Laundry List

Be Free ChriscrazyhThe Black Laundry List
By Black Anon (NBP)

Most of us forced by the Diaspora to take root outside of Africa, have been separated from our previous and continuing rich African history. Those who survived the maiming, raping and killing by the white and pale horses, got whipped into the dark image of the cancers that lurk beneath their defective skin. They cannot help themselves, and need us to take on the responsibility for their lives as they continue to seek to control and destroy.

They cannot survive without us. They have us locked into a codependent relationship. But make no mistake, for as long as we continue to play along, they will be in control of that relationship. They are the predators and we are mere prey. No matter how much we have been able to fashion ourselves to look or behave like them. However, the prey can become mighty powerful once they realize that the predators will die without them. The predator has been prey all along. Their mind is set to not become prey ever again. As futile as that plan is, they take no chances and have many Black people locked away in concentration camps, prisons and clinics. For many of us physical bondage is still a reality.

For those out of physical bondage, the time to claim back our minds is now. Not next week, not tomorrow. NOW. And to do so, we have to understand how they whipped us into a child-like state so they could control or destroy us if we dared to go against their wishes to take the place of Nature and Gods.

There is work to be done. We need to get rid of our infantile response behaviors, and become responsible for our own lives, instead of taking on the responsibility for white pete. This hell is of their making, let them enjoy it. While we move on. Our descent into their well hell ends here. Those who managed to climb out do have a responsibility to help others out too. A most ungrateful job. And to know that  it takes a clear and steady mind to be able to understand and see who can be saved from hell. Most are fast asleep in a bed that has been made to seem nice and comfortable by the means of illusions, distortions and addictions.

The following list is based on the Laundry List as used by Adult Children Anonymous. One of many spin-offs of AA. The original Laundry list works well for people deeply imbedded into white babble. In that case it may take white babble to come to understand that it is all a lie. For those who already know they LIE, it is just a “children’s game”. For those who have always had a life-line to Truth and did not have to drown in the white lies and babble, the Laundry List for Black Anon should be easy enough to tackle.

The Laundry List of Adults in Black Anon

1. We became isolated from our own people and white ‘society’, and were afraid of authority figures as whites proved themselves to be untrustworthy.
2. Despite our fears, we continued to seek approval from whites and disconnected from our African identity in the process.
3. Without safety in our own communities, we became frightened of African people, and understood any criticism to be personal.
4. We became possessed by whites and suffered brutal abuse. We kept reaching out to whites to receive more abuse.
5. We lived life from the viewpoint of victims, and were attracted by that weakness in other people.
6. We were made responsible for whites, and were kept busy taking care of whites instead of ourselves.
7. We confused fear with guilt. We felt fear when we needed to stand up for ourselves against whites, but we labeled the fear as guilt and then gave into their demands.
8. We confused pain with pleasure. We became accustomed to the stress whites caused us, and chose to mask the pain by seeking excitement and pleasure, as we continued to give into their demands.
9. We confused sympathy with pity. We tended to empathize with whites as we pitied and rescued whites. Thus, we continued giving into their demands.
10. We stuffed our feelings from our traumatic childhood or adulthood. Our impaired ability to feel or express our own feelings, could not be healed as whites kept assaulting us. We kept out of touch with our feelings as one of our basic denials to be able to survive their assaults.
11. We judged ourselves as harshly as whites did, because we accepted the low esteem that whites claimed to have of African people, as our own sense of esteem.
12. We became dependent on whites, and remained terrified of pain and punishment. Yet, we would do anything to hold on to a relationship with whites just to receive more pain or punishment. We received this sick state of mind from miserly education from whites who do not care for African people as they do not even care for themselves.
13. Slavery and abuse are a disease of whites. We took on the characteristics of white disease even when we did not physically pick up their whip.
14. We became actors and reactors to whites rather than leaders and builders in African communities.

(c) Black Anon, 2013




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