Still Want to Hear the Angels Sing Sing?

Mind Control 2Angels singing, or mass hypnosis?
By Pilgrim

The following audio clip is reported elsewhere on the net to be sounds of angels singing: Download Listen

Having been in meetings like this myself, and having entered into similar type of worship as Rodney Howard Brown is doing in the above clip, this hits a familiar note with me. Upon first listen, i recognized the same tones, and vocal sounds that Brown is performing here. I recognize them because i have entered into this same spiritual flow many times. This type of vocal expression can also be performed with various musical instruments, although rare from what i have heard.

When entering into this realm, there is a great feeling of peace, and connecting to God, all the time seeming to unleash a worship to the creator that could not be done otherwise. Notice Brown says “step into the realm of the supernatural” before going into the vocal sounds.

When Brown has gone on for about three minutes with these sounds, there is a background harmonic unison of vocal chorus starting up, that gets louder and more harmonic, and then Brown stops altogether, and this continues for about nine minutes until the audio clip ends.

This pronounced background chorus becomes prominent and is no longer background. If this chorus seems a little familiar to you, well maybe it should. Doesn’t it sound just like the Oooommmm of eastern meditation, except much louder, and by hundreds of persons creating a harmonious sound instead of a single tone?

The sound is believed to be the sound of angels singing by some, but to me it is human voices entering into a unified mental or spiritual state similar to eastern meditation.

We know by scientific method that there are four frequency groups of brainwaves, Here they are:
1. Beta (13 to 30 cps – this is the highest level, and in this state the brain is active and very awake. This state is usually associated with intellectual thought and verbal expression. When you are talking up a storm, your brain is vibrating between 13 and 30 cps.
2. Alpha (8 to 12 cps) – this is the next state down, and it is associated with a much more relaxed, calm, and creative waking state. A nice alpha level can be achieved with a simple meditation of slowing your breathing. As your breathing slows, other body functions including your brain frequencies will begin to relax and slow down. When you are completely relaxed ­ but not yet asleep ­ your brain hums at around 8 to 12 cycles per second. 8 or 9 cps is considered a very creative state, marked with contemplative thought and increased intuition.
3. Theta (5 to 7 cps) – a very interesting set of frequencies they are. This 5 to 7 cps range is where dreams, deep hypnosis, ESP, out-of-body projections, channeling, and other odd mind phenomena start to pop up. Somewhere in this range lies what is called the hypnagogic state ­ that twilight-zone of consciousness on the border between being awake and being asleep. This is grey area where conscious and subconscious start to overlap. Most of us only get quick, half-remembered glimpses into this realm as we are going to sleep or waking up. However, with Monroe’s techniques of brain entrainment, this theta state can be sonically induced ­ allowing the entrainee to have extended periods of theta exploration.
4. Delta (1 to 4 cps) – these frequencies are usually only associated with deep, dreamless sleep.

My suspicion is the tones used by Brown are somehow causing people to enter into a brainwave frequency of about 7, and causing a mass hypnotic, mediitative type of state, where there is a mass almost unconcious form of harmony where each member is adding positively to this great chorus of sound, that sounds heavenly, even beyond what is humanly possible to do.

In no way am i trying to downplay a worship factor to the creator here, so do not get me wrong. I simply do not know exactly what is taking place. Having entered into this state many times as a form of worship myself, i am in a process of reconciling what this is all about. I wish i knew for sure, if this state is purely mental based on science, or whether or not there is actually a spiritual dimension that science cannot explain, whereby we can actually cross the barrier of the natural, and “enter into the supernatural” as Brown says.

I have heard one famous hypnotist tell a radio audience that there are certain sounds and frequencies that if played over a loudspeaker, such as in a large room, or in the case of the radio listener over the radio speaker, would create mass hypnosis. This same hypnotist knew how to make these sounds with the voice, no special equipment needed, and did not need any amplification to work. In other words, if this hypnotist came up to any stranger, and made these vocal sounds it would instantly put the person into a hypnotic state.

The radio interviewer asked the hypnotist to give a small sample of what the sounds are, and the reply from the hypnotist was, “I cannot do that or you will have a big problem on your hands, as people could be driving while hearing a sound and it would cause them to go limp behind the wheel”

Has Rodney Howard Brown learned this technique? Either by accident, or someone in the know has taught him? If this is the case, then the second question must be asked: Is this really entering into a worship to God, or is Brown being used in order to train the masses to enter into the new age religion that is already using eastern meditation. Is this a tool of deception into making people think they are getting in touch with God, or is it actually going the other direction?

Personally, i continue to struggle with this issue. I no longer enter into this state through group effort, but privately i still do enter into this state […].

So the point in all of this, if you are one who enters into these alpha-theta staes by either group effort, or individually, examine the outcome, to understand what you are really doing.

If you come out refreshed, and feel “on top of the world”, then maybe you are actually doing an eastern meditation, and the god you think you might have been meditating on, might be yourself, or worse yet the enemy of our soul. Deception is a funny thing. No one is deceived because they thought it might be wrong, instead it is because it seemed right, whatever it is. We know Satan comes disguised as a “bringer of light”, as an angel of light. He comes to bolster our own egos, to make us feel good in something that is not [real].

Just some thoughts on the matter for your own consideration in your journey down the 7:14 road.



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