Purposing Stockholm Syndrome

Forbidden SecretFrom Forbidden Secret; Your future hijacked
By Jonathan Gray (2011)


Eleven year old Jaycee Lee Dugard was snatched at a bus stop. For the next 18 years, she was held in captivity, but apparently did not try to escape and, over time, developed a close relationship with her kidnapper. Her stepfather said that she “has strong feelings with this guy” and “feels it’s almost like a marriage.” (Laura Fitzpatrick, “A Brief History of Stockholm Syndrome,” Time, Aug. 31, 2009)

After 10 months in the hands of a kidnapper, Shawn Hornbeck called police to report his stolen bike. The captive gave his first name, Shawn, and as his last name the surname of his abductor, Devlin. (Ibid.) He stayed with his captor three more years, never escaping even while the man was away working at his two jobs.

There are many reported cases of victims becoming bonded to and even feeling compassion for and loyalty to their captors.

In Stockholm, Sweden, two thieves held four bank employees hostage at gunpoint in the bank’s vault for six days. “When the victims were released, their reaction shocked the world: They hugged and kissed their captors, declaring their loyalty even as the kidnappers were carted off to jail.” (Ibid.)

Psychologists think the victim comes to perceive the captor as the one controlling survival and life itself. Thus the victim aligns with the captor out of pure self-interest.

We acquiesce toour controllers

Uncommon? No. In a broader sense, most of us without protest agree with those who have come to dominate our culture.

From infancy upward, external influences help shape our values. Most people do not question the worldview which is imposed upon them, assuming that what they think and practise is simply the way it is.

When challenged, they often defend themselves. They are held captive to their thinking – which they don’t realize is often seriously off track.

Globalists have seized control

Most are not aware that our world has been taken captive. Forces hostile to us have taken over our planet – our courts, our governments, science, education, the media, the entertainment industry, the medical industry, the legal and illegal drug trade, and they have infiltrated mainstream religion as well.

And we have fallen victim to the same syndrome as a kidnap victim, passively identifying with our malevolent captor!

Strange, but true! Our whole world has been held captive for thousands of years – and we have come to identify with our captors. And they, in turn, are controlled by others …unseen.  As New Zealand government figure Murray McLean admitted to me, “We are not the ones in control. We are following the directions of internationalists outside the country.”

It is they who are plunging our world into its current financial crisis. They need to collapse every nation’s economy, so they can replace it with their One World Government. A Conspiracy Theorist statement? No, it is a statement of fact.

They control the shadowy Bilderberg Group, a financial, political and corporate elite who, at a meeting in Greece in mid-May, 2009, agreed that in order to continue their drive towards a New World Order, the US Dollar has to be “totally” destroyed.

The extermination plot

Not only that. A frightening agenda is currently being put into operation – to eliminate most of this world’s population. New World Order planners say this needs to be done, so they can have their Utopia world.

In 1974, in an address to the National Security Council, former US Secretary of State Henry Kissinger presented 2 billion people as the desired level of reduction, but in fact the depopulation policy may seek a 2-4 billion reduction, or up to two thirds of the world’s population. This depopulation policy is intended by the world’s ruling elite to result in control of mineral and strategic resources and water and total control of the world’s wealth. (“Implications of world wide population growth for US security & overseas interests”, National Security Memo 200, April 24, 1974)

By 1979 depopulation was the top priority of US national security policy, as outlined in the national security paper Global 2000 written by Rockefeller contractors Henry Kissinger, Z. Brzezinski, Gen. Alexander Haig, and Ed Muskie for President Carter.

We now see a progressive enacting of this plot in the stealthy release of biological/genetic/recombinant DNA weapons, such as AIDS, swine flu, forced vaccinations in third world countries, and now systematic use of depleted uranium.

But an unseen bombshell is set to explode – and seal the fate of these plotters.

Plot uncovered

I placed my finger in the bullet hole.

Peter, a university lecture and businessman from Perth, Western Australia, now in hiding, had called me to examine it.

“A helicopter flew low over our home,” said Peter, “and lodged these bullet holes in our kitchen window. Then a sniper team from that tree on the hill fired into this same window. Police later said they knew in advance – but were ordered not to interfere.”

You ask, why was Peter Golden targeted? In the process of dealing internationally in computer software, he had uncovered information – 11 months before the event – suggesting that men in the Australian government were involved in plans for the bombing of Australians in Bali, and also that individuals in the US government were plotting the 9/11 incident.

The motive: to provoke anger against the Muslim world which could lead to support for a war in the Middle East, the elimination of Muslims, and the seizing of their resources. Within days of presenting a 5,000 page report to a highly placed government official whom he trusted, Peter was told he had to
get out of Australia if he valued his life.

He fled to New Zealand – and from there he proceeded to alert officials in the New Zealand, United States and Australian governments. After each attempt, he became the target of death threats, break-ins and physical attacks on himself and his 6 year old daughter Katie.

Peter explained: “The physical fact was this: I had stumbled into New World Order plans for a major war in the Middle East – and the elimination of untold millions of innocent people. This was to be triggered by, firstly, an international baiting campaign to stir the Muslim world into a fury, then, secondly, a series of carefully engineered ‘false flag’ terrorist attacks, such as the Bali bombing, for which Muslims were to be blamed.

“When I unwittingly stumbled into this plot, the Globalist ‘shadow government’ needed to shut me up.”

Are lying to us

On May 14, 2004, Dr Eugene Mallove was killed. The local police ruled his death a homicide. This occurred just as a discovery he had made was about to be vindicated.

Dr Mallove was a scientist and an engineer with two engineering degrees from MIT (1969, 1970) and a doctorate from the Harvard University School of Public Health (1975). He was also a regular science and technology broadcaster for The Voice of America.

Dr Mallove commented that if by chance you are one of those who believe “all is well in the house of science” and “official science” can be counted on to behave itself and always seek the truth – even in matters of central, overarching importance to the well-being of humankind – you are sorely mistaken.

Dr Mallove said it was time to “reconsider your opinion about who is telling the truth and who is defending falsehood.”

The hijackers are manipulating science to mislead us. When you see a scientific claim in the newspaper, or in a textbook, on television or the Internet, you had better watch out! It is possible you are being conned – and you won’t even know it! A major deception is being foisted on us all. Thankfully, confessions like the following are leaking out concerning science text books:

“If [it] supports our theories, we put it in the main text. If it does not entirely contradict them, we put it in a footnote. And if it is completely ‘out of date’, we just drop it.” (T. Save-Soderbergh and I.U. Olsson -Institute of Egyptology and Institute of Physics respectively, University of Uppsala, Sweden, “C14 Dating and Egyptian Chronology,” in Radiocarbon Variations and Absolute Chronology, Proceedings of the Twelfth Nobel Symposium, Ingrid U. Olsson – ed,, Almqvist and Wiksell, Stockholm, and John Wiley and Sons, Inc., New York, p.35)

Just catch this shocking revelation from news reporter Hannah Devlin:
“One in seven scientists say colleagues fake data… Faking scientific data and failing to report commercial conflicts of interest are far more prevalent than previously thought, a study suggests.” (Times Online, June 4, 2009)

Kenneth Kitchen, Professor of Egyptology in the School of Archaeology and Oriental studies, University of Liverpool, laments that

“scientific and archaeological research is not getting through to young people in schools and colleges…. In some circles there even seems to be a deliberate withholding of such information, yet it is the fruit of leading scholars… known for their restrained, moderate, factual presentation of their researches.” (Forward to Victor Pearce’s book Evidence For Truth: Archaeology, 2nd edition)

Money talks. Scientists who speak up are being shut out of funding for projects… misrepresented… ridiculed…fired. And much of their research has even been destroyed!

Positions. Reputations. Opportunity for publication. Small and powerful groups control careers. If you want a university post, you need recommendations. To get your articles published in scientific journals, you must pass what is called “anonymous peer review”. It is easy for a dominant group to control publication, research money and position. If you want to “succeed”, you have to go along with them. Or else, displaying the liberal tolerance we have all come to love, they will shut you out – despite your qualifications. The crowd in charge here is beyond the pale.

Destroying evidence

On August 12, 1989, Dr Don Patton spoke at a conference in Dayton, Tennessee. He presented compelling evidence, with pictures, that both human and dinosaur tracks were present at the Palaxy River, Texas, at what was known as the Taylor Trail.

Two well known “scientists” were present. At least one of them was conspicuously disturbed by this presentation. Both flew to Dallas the next morning and went immediately to the Paluxy River. They were seen in the river that afternoon with an ‘iron bar’. And later extensive damage was noted to the prints.

But don’t scientists accept evidence? It should be noted that a living scientist today is not the solid object he appears to be, but is really almost entirely empty space, a series of holes joined together by French knitting (spaced atoms). That is to say, the scientist is as human as the rest of us.

This faking of science is the result of a plan that has been developing for several centuries.

An intellectual bomb let loose

We might be aghast at the dangers of the nuclear bomb in the hands of terrorists or renegade governments. Yet even more deadly than all of the above is an intellectual bomb that has been let loose on the race.

Hitler’s atrocities were based on it. So were those of Stalin, Mao tse Tung and Pol Pot. Now it is the turn of the New World Order crazies.

What is this intellectual ticking bomb? Nothing less than the nihilistic mindset which has dominated scientific thought for the past century. Based on the popularised theory of evolution, nihilism is now in danger of committing mankind to a course of automatic self-destruction.

You may be surprised to learn that many leading scientists are now questioning the validity of evolution. But the damage has been done. It has had a free hand and little or no opposition in the universities and colleges, and through the press and television, all these years. It has resulted in reasoning which has brought the most disastrous consequences.

The “Big E” mindset of Hitler

The appeal of totalitarian systems such as Nazism, Communism and Secular Humanism, owe a great deal to the acceptance of the “Big E”… as do fascism, anarchism, atheism and militarism. Take away Evolution theory from these belief systems, and they effectively lose a central premise necessary for their coherence.

Yes, the “Big E” (Evolution) theory was a powerful influence on the mindset which dominated Nazi and Communist leaders. As the holocaust swept into action, Himmler regarded the victims as vermin, as though he was handling a biological disease. […]

Of course, we cannot blame Charles Darwin and his colleagues personally for such gruesome practices. But we need to recognise that unquestioning belief in evolution was a CENTRAL feature of the Nazi belief system, and not just incidental to it.

The “Big E” thinking inspires the Globalists

A major part of the Globalist hijackers’ plans is to prepare us mentally to accept elimination of life as necessary.

So to systematically dull down the minds of the masses, they have been carefully preparing and using a compliant servant team of “nice guy” educators whose doctorates, salaries and grants depend on toeing the line – who will parrot the ideology that “we’re here by accident – not children of a Creator, but ‘useless eaters’ that are expendable to evolutionary progress.”

You realise, of course, that teachers, lecturers and textbook writers are just the front men who stand up visibly. Most are probably honest men and women who are unsuspecting that they are being used. And many of them would be aghast at the “expendable” idea. They haven’t joined the dots. So they remain unwitting puppets.

Just like so many people in the media. It has been observed that “most journalists are so brain-dead themselves, so lacking in understanding of what they are part of, that they, like most of the population, play a part in advancing an agenda they do not even know exists.” (Uncensored magazine, September-December 2009)

Most people are unaware

The propaganda has already moulded society’s thinking. The people continue to remain, for the most part, blissfully unaware of what has happened and continue to believe the litany of Globalist lies being poured upon them by their propaganda media organs, never once raising any objection to billions of
dollars being poured into perpetuating their ignorance.

The globalist hijackers, in turn, are controlled

No, the issue is NOT just a whole lot of different organizations. ONE CHIEF PLAYER and his gang controls them all. This chief player – the Lucifer Legion – has taken our planet hostage.

Its human globalist puppets are now strategically placed throughout the highest levels of power. And, for the most part, we are acquiescing as they influence our lives. Unaware of the issues, most of us live in sympathy with our kidnappers.


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