A Paper on African Healing Arts

AnkhHeal Thyself: Afrocentric Perspectives on the Science & History of the Healing Arts
Paper by Bryan Ogilvie (2006)

As Kemet (Ancient Egypt) is where we find the origin of mathematics, astronomy, architecture, bureaucracy, and many other forms of civilization, so did she also give birth to Medicinal science, laying the foundation of Health as we know it.
Unfortunately, along with those other sciences, the Ancient African contributions to the Healing Arts have been systematically eliminated from history and scholarship, appropriately fitting within the context of white supremacy.

The purpose of this work is to reverse the trend, highlighting the medicinal aspects of Africa’s “stolen legacy”. Information on this subject is available abundantly, as Black medicinal scholars have contributed great efforts to the Afrocentric movement. This has created a certain paradox for the author: an ample amount of information makes for profound research, but in some ways too much to be condensed into a single paper. Consequently, many ideas were shortened, or unfortunately, left out entirely.

Dr. Imhotep Llaila Africa’s African Holistic Health (Revised 4th Edition) easily became a foundation and primary source of knowledge. Dr. Afrika is considered the foremost authority on health and nutrition, a true genius of traditional Afrikan Holistic remedies. He has studied in Africa, Europe, and America, founding the Afro-American Health and Vegetarian Society, and also serves as a member of the Natural Naturopathic and Homeopathic Medical Union. African Holistic Health is his premier work, an encyclopedia-fashioned composition covering African Wholistic Healing Arts and History.

The principle concept of Kemet’s medical practitioners, and all other forms of mystery school knowledge, was Wholism, resulting in what is now called Wholistic/Holistic Health. As implied, this term represents the science of the mind, body and spirit as a whole. To them, disease (or dis-ease) in the physical form represented a mental or spiritual ill as well, and the patient was to be treated accordingly. The science of medicine was understood on the same principles which guided other aspects of life – scientic, psychological, spiritual, etc.

Wholistic remedies consisted only of natural applications – herbs, diet changes, light, etc. This contradicts modern western science, which treats only the external symptoms of a dis-ease (with synthetic products), leaving the actual cause of the disease intact; the body remains fertile for the disease’s return.

As stated before, the history and science of African Healing Arts is a vast subject, and therefore will be summarized as the author sees fit. First, Imhotep and the Kemetic foundation of Medicine and Health will be discussed, followed by a contrast between Ancient African and European (Western) Healing Arts. This will lead to a discussion of Light (or, the Life Force) and Afrocentric concepts on Melanin, as the topics closely inter-relate. Also, some general Wholistic concepts will be discussed, as well as the importance of Health and Nutrition in the Afrocentric movement, concluding with some commentary on the contemporary diet.

Imhotep and the Birth of Medicine

Imhotep, the world’s ‘rst healing practitioner, is also renowned as the “world’s first multigenius”. Further, this Kemetic scribe, astronomer, philosopher, poet and physician designed the Step Pyramid at Saqqara; the first pyramid of Egypt’s many. Imhotep’s contributions were so grand, in fact, that he was deified by the Kemmiu (people of Kemet) two thousand years after his death. The Greeks later followed suit, creating Asclepius, their god of medicine.

Presently his accomplishments are erroneously credited to the Greek Hippocrates, who western society mistakenly praises as the “Father of Medicine.” In fact, the Hippocratic Oath reveals its true origins by giving reference to Apollo, the Greek’s version of the Kemitic God Heru. Further, the Asclepius’ symbol was a snake entwined around a staff, which was first created in Kemet, associated with the Netcher Tehuti. This symbol is now universally used and recognized as a symbol of medicine, found on pharmaceutical drugs and hospital doors.

Imhotep is believed to be the author of the Edwin Smith Papyrus, the oldest medical literature known to man. Although this was written around 1550 B.C.E, many Egyptologist believe that this document is a copy of an even older original, which may have been written as early as 4200B.C.E. The Edwin Smith Papyrus describes 48 different injuries to the head, face, and neck (among others). It also discusses the neurological connection between the body and brain.

Archeologists have also discovered the Ebers Papyrus, which is far broader in its subject matter, including: pulse/cardiovascular system, intestinal disorders, obstetrics (care of women during pregnancy), dentistry, tumors, etc. Further, Kemetic physicians practiced circumcision, brain surgery, and gynecology. Kemet developed the first fetal sex test using wheat and barley, not discovered by modern science until 1933.

Egyptologist have discovered the Turin papyrus, 5400 years old, dating back to the 11th-12th dynasties, and the Ramessum and Kahun papyri, from the 12th-13th. Both of these documents cover high levels of Holistic Science. The Chester and Berlin papyri dalt with functional research, dating back to the 19th dynasty.

The creation of many medical terms is African. The mentioned papyri, and many other writings, introduced terms such as: the kidney, saliva, testicles, brain, esophagus, air, obesity, vagina, baldness, heart, eye, spinal cord, trachea, abdomen, spleen, rectum, perspiration etc.

Two Major Systems

The introduction to African Holistic Health, was written by Dr. Jewel Pookrum (M.D., PH. D.), founder and director of the Civilized Medical Institute (CMI). Here, Dr. Pookrum describes some fundamental differences between the “Healing Arts” of African and European societies. A general overview of these two systems is in order.

The African Healing Arts were particularly effcient, mostly because of the fact that all physical, mental, and spiritual phenomena were studied and taught to the entire society. The European Healing Arts, in contrast, were kept secret from the masses, and only applied as the physicians saw fit. Also, laws and statutes were established in European societies in order to insure that practitioners maintained ethics in medical standards.

Prior to the decline of Black civilizations-and Blacks detachment from their cultural/ancestral knowledge- African Healing Arts taught certain principles. These include the following: (1), that all things in Nature were related, (2) all matter in nature originated from “The One Divine Source”, (3) all creation was related and similar, but each living things was original and unique, and (4) all life and matter was created for a specific purpose and divine reason. African Healing Arts required its students to undergo a study of self, as medicinal knowledge was taught in the acclaimed Mystery School system.

European medicinal science is, for the most part, mundane. Nature and science were (and still are) understood from a physical viewpoint only; the five senses were used as the meter to create diagnosis and treatment. 1is lack of alignment and understanding of the profoundness of nature has stimulated the creation of “Pseudo-Technologies”, such as radios, X-ray machines, and laser projection devices for healing.

These devices became manifest because European science lacked fundamental understanding of light, the life force of all things (matter and energy). Dr. Pookrum states:

“Light is the united collection of ‘Photons’. Photons are the smallest measurable units of the Life Force Energy. As the motion and speed of photons vary, the character of the light changes as does its activity. TV waves, micro-waves, radio waves, cosmic waves, X-rays, etc., are all forms of the Life force energy acting in unique ways, simply because of the difference of the speed and motion the photons within each band are exhibiting at any particular time.”

Further, the Ancient Africans knew that all frequencies of light could be transduced, or channeled, through melanin before being directly used for healing purposes upon the physical body. Through activating the melanin within their pineal gland, the Kemmiu were able to perceive visions of the past, future and present – near and far – within their own minds, not much different then our radios and television sets today. This subject is far too vast to be expounded upon here, but let it be understood that all phenomena (physical and subtle) is light, and light is funneled through Melanin.

Wholistic Health and its Role in the Revolution Wholistic Health is the science of the mind, body and spirit as it relates to health states and dis-ease. Because it is all-encompassing, however, it cannot be isolated from other aspects of life. That is to say, the principles of Holistic medicine tie into other parts of the human experience, most particularly nutrition.

For the last few decades, African-Americans have been revolutionizing certain aspects of society, in order to attain freedom, justice, equality, and self-identity. We have seen Eurocentric studies turn into Afrocentric, Eurocentric language (English) turned into Ebonics, Eurocentric music turned into Jazz, so on and so forth. However, we have yet to see a revolution in the form of nutritional and/or medical concepts. Dr. Afrika says:

Today Blacks are totally enslaved by another culture’ (European) diet and medical code. 1ey have become a Black Nation of Nutritional Uncle Toms…Blacks who eat a modern diet are being oppressed and enslaved by whites through their stomachs….(so) any social cry of Black Liberation by a nation of constipated Blacks is a cultural joke.

Today, the danger of a Western diet is common knowledge. Further, the African-American, using plain logical thinking, can plainly see some absurdity. That is: Why would a nation that has physically, economically, mentally, and spiritually enslaved a people, turn around full circle and provide those people with quality food and/or medicine? The Islamic writer Akil, author of There are Only Two Religions in the Whole World, summarizes it this way:

What are we putting into our mouths? What is that? Did you know that Chemical and Bio-logical Warfare is being waged? Did you know that you are chewing on the actual ammunition? Did you know that you were ingesting the time bombs that have been launched at you?

Until there is a medical system that correctly addresses the needs of African peoples, it is most wise that they gain Wholistic Health knowledge and search for Afrocentric remedies/practitioners themselves. As the Mystery School medicine men used to say, “Heal Thyself!”

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