Robert Zimmerman, Jr: Trayvon Martin Caused His Own Death [VIDEO]

I was going to refrain from commenting. Not even going to mention OJ Simpson. But I got a problem with the “creepy cracka”…


4 comments on “Robert Zimmerman, Jr: Trayvon Martin Caused His Own Death [VIDEO]

  1. Not worth the energy to comment on this. Zimmerman is already dead.

    • It is not about Zimmerman. It is about the energy that manifested and still manifests through him. But in this realm I might as well address it as the incarnation. Use it to release stuck emotions in as healthy of a way I can manage. Peace.

  2. i looked up that interview on youtube after watching a black youtuber talk about it. It is a shame, he kept saying he had a hand in his own death, and trying to act like his brother did nothing like his brother was a bystander or some dumb ish. THen he had the nerve to throw in the we are not racist we helped black youth card. All i can say is ppl stop letting these beasts be around ur kids raise them urself and with the help of ur black family.

    • Thanks for letting me know what was in the video. I did not watch it, as the picture was enough for me. People forget that this life is short. It is a bubble that allows for liberation or further fall. We need to teach our children to strive for liberation, and leave the sick ones to their further fall. Peace.

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