After the Trayvon Martin Verdict

george_zimmerman_verdict_rallyAfter the Trayvon Martin Verdict What Can Black People Do?
By Trojan Pam, July 14, 2013

After a Reader left the following comment on my blogpost about Trayvon Martin — “I’d like to get some more ideas from some less confused victims” — I decided to post another excerpt from the book, “Black Love Is A Revolutionary Act.”

Rather than post the entire section at one time (which is about 20 pages long), I’m going to post one section EVERY DAY until the entire chapter is posted.

After that you will be able to download the entire chapter as a  FREE PDF file that I hope you’ll email and print and share and discuss with others – the same way I hope you will share and print and email the link to this post and the ones that follow.

I believe is it SUPER IMPORTANT that instead of just talking about the problems of Black People in America, we offer suggestions and solutions to help the victims of white supremacy.   


What Is Counter-Warfare?

Counter-Warfare is a strategy of non-violent resistance to the system of racism/white supremacy,  the most SOPHISTICATED MIND GAME ever designed.  In self-defense, non-whites must develop an equally powerful counter-intelligence to neutralize the “mind games” by:

  • changing the way we think (education).
  • changing our behavior (constructive actions)

black people are wonderful and valuable

13 Counter Warfare Strategies

  1. Recognize We Are At War
  2. Admit We Have A Problem:  Mentacide
  3. Become Knowledgeable About the System Of White Supremacy
  4. STOP Keeping White People’s Secrets
  5. STOP Obeying the “White Traffic Cop” Inside Your Head
  6. The Theory of Non-Participation
  7. Minimize Conflict (stop name calling & fighting)
  8. Maintain A Psychological Distance From White People
  9. Become Comfortable With Being Uncomfortable
  10. Show Black Love Freely, Openly, and Publicly
  11. Adopt The Mantra of Black Unity
  12. 33 Rules of Disengagement
  13. Become a Leader of One

black people will get justice and end the system of white supremacy

The Counter-Warfare Strategies put the focus where it belongs: on what black people CAN and MUST do, NOT on what white people might OR should do. We did not get in this terrible condition overnight, and we will NOT solve our problems overnight.

verdict_reactions_1We cannot afford to waste any more time talking about what white people should do for us – and find a way to do for SELF.

If we need better schools for our children, we must POOL our resources and CREATE better schools.

If we need more jobs, we must POOL our resources and CREATE our own jobs.  We cannot afford to wait one second longer for “someone else” to end racism.

We have already waited 500 YEARS.


black people can dismantle the system of white supremacy is time to STOP begging, marching, and protesting.  It is time to STOP expecting the white elite to eliminate the white supremacy system designed for their sole benefit.  All we will get is what we have always gotten: the false appearance of real change.

ap_george_zimmerman_shirt_ssA man who identified himself as Ike wears a shirt portraying George Zimmerman in cross-hairs

The Real Revolution Takes Place Between Our Ears

As we watch the civil rights clock spinning backwards, it should be clear that despite all our “progress,” black people still control nothing in America, including the ability to rescue one black person off a roof after Hurricane Katrina.

Once we become empowered (illuminated) with knowledge of self, and knowledge of how the system of racism/white supremacy works, we will attract other empowered individuals who seek real change – not the kind of “change” that is seen on television under the banner of a “National Convention.”

We must stop deluding ourselves that such FALSE displays offer any real change. THEY DO NOT. They are simply updated dog-and-pony shows to pacify, deceive, and exploit the masses.

We know from history that black leaders who TRULY advocate real change are NEVER rewarded, promoted, or given airtime by the same powerful elites who created the system of injustice.

Real change is not glamorous or pleasant.  It has nothing to do with being popular, articulate, or presenting an attractive image. It does not happen while we sit in front of a television set, or walk into a voting booth and push a button.

Real change is hard, dirty, and dangerous work.

Fortunately, none of the suggestions in this book are hard, dirty, or dangerous. They do not require money, special skills, talents, bravery, or bloodshed. In fact, most suggestions involve NOT doing something that wastes our precious time and money, or that harms us individually or collectively.

These recommendations (as well as the contents of this book) are a FRAMEWORK that the reader can adapt as he or she sees fit, and decide what is beneficial, constructive, and useful, and what is not. No one, including the authors of this book, represent the voice (or voices) of authority.


A Quick Summary Of Black America’s Worsening Dilemma

Black labor has become obsolete in America. In many inner cities, the menial, low-skilled and low-paying jobs that poor blacks used to do — and are still willing to do — are being farmed out for maximum profit to illegal (slave) labor. Automation (machines) and computers have eliminated the rest.

In spite of record unemployment for blacks, (estimated at over 35% in 2010), America is still importing unskilled AND skilled non-white labor from Latin America and India.  The picture for educated, professional blacks in corporate America is just as dismal. Glass ceilings have turned to concrete.  Unions, good jobs, benefits, and guaranteed pensions are becoming relics of the past.

As a result, the hard-won gains from civil rights and affirmative action over the last 40 years are being systematically wiped out. After two terms of the Bush Administration efforts, affirmative action is little more than a controversial and fraudulent memory that clearly ignored the FACT that the biggest beneficiaries of affirmative action were AND still are white females.

Black farmers have yet to receive compensation for stolen farmland and government discrimination. Blacks are losing land and houses at a record pace in dozens of predominantly black cities where gentrification (land grabs), sub-prime mortgages, reverse-redlining (targeting black areas for fraudulent home loans), foreclosures, and property tax and eminent-domain schemes designed to force blacks out of major cities – and out of their homes and communities.

In predominantly black schools all across the country, black children are mis-educated and under-educated by design, while many black schools are closing their doors for good. Black boys are being “tracked” into “special education” and non-college prep classes, or expelled for minor offenses to DELIBERATELY destroy their intellectual potential and self-confidence.

The unrelenting onslaught of white Hollywood via the buffoonery comedies, sitcoms, and “reality shows” is polluting the minds and morals of black youth.  White decision-makers and their black puppets deliberately pair the black male with anyone but a black female in movies, TV shows, TV commercials, and rap videos to divide and conquer (and demoralize) the black male and female.

Over one million black men and black women rot in penal institutions, many for non-violent drug “crimes,” while white drug users of crack, powdered cocaine, prescription drugs, and meth get “intervention,” drug treatment, fines, or a slap on the wrist for their “illness.”

To add more injuries to the massive injuries inflicted on Black America by America’s “criminal” justice system, prison authorities callously turn a “blind eye” to the epidemic of inmates AND guards raping other inmates.

Rampant homosexuality flourishes in prisons where black males in their sexual prime are forced to live in cages with other sexually frustrated males. It is NO accident that black ex-felons infected with HIV, AIDS, &  Hepatitis C are deliberately released back into the black community without education, job skills or medical treatment for their contagious diseases.

ap_children_reactions_zimmerman_verdictChildren react to Zimmerman verdict

It is UNDENIABLE that the white supremacy system and their white foot-soldiers are waging a VICIOUS WAR against black people on four levels: educational, economic, psychological, and reproductive. It is also increasingly clear that (white) America has no patience or sympathy for poor (or “uppity” blacks), and is rapidly and quietly building more prisons while it closes black schools in preparation for…what?


104 Million Dollar Juvenile Detention Center To Be Built East
Baltimore – while city is closing predominantly black schools
(SOURCE: Our Weekly, Nov 11, 2010)


What is White America’s plan for black youth?  




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  1. Ah… the Negress borg cube. Lmao. I should have known. Anyway. Thanks for making the effort. That was a very appropriate article. I am short in time, but I will soon read up on the next parts. Peace.

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