Replacing Nature With Law

JusticeWhat Is Law

The word LAW is really an acronym that stands for –

L = Land
A = Air
W = Water

This implies that there are rules that govern the Land – Air – & Water!

There [are] 2 types of LAW that most concerns Human Beings on Earth which are –

LAWS that are made by Nature –

LAWS that are made by Humans –

The meaning or definition of a LAW made by Nature is – An action or stop action that occurs consistently & Naturally over and over again given the same conditions for that action to occur. Such As – The LAW of Gravity – If I was to drop a ball from a 3 story building, the ball would fall to the ground every time as long as the conditions are the same- But if the conditions change, the result would change- such as dropping the same ball if you was floating in Space, the ball in these conditions would not drop!

The meaning or definition of a LAW made by Human Beings is – Rules, Codes or Regulations agreed upon by the Nationals within a Nation, and written and passed into LAW by elected officials of that Nation. These rules, codes and or Regulations are usually instructions to Nationals of a Nations telling them what is agreed upon as acceptable actions or conduct for that Nation.

The above definition for Laws made by Human Beings is why a Nation should consist of the same Racial/Cultural group simply because LAWS that are passed within a Nation must be for the Benefit of all without alienating a minority of citizens who have different values or beliefs.

The Laws Of Western Culture vs. Our Culture called Wu-nuwaupu

Western Nations of the World based their Laws and Government on protecting the desires and wants of the people called Capitalism. This is why there is so much crime and death in Western culture simply because the people who are natural born Capitalist [which is only about 10% of the population] will and have out preformed those who are not; and the Capitalist have sadly used Law & Government to protect their assets from the people who cannot adapt to the principles of Capitalism.

Capitalism is a failed cultural concept that is falling all over the World! One cannot build a culture based on consuming as much resource as one desires with little to no consideration to other peoples in the World or the harsh conditions that lifestyle will create for the Planet.

The basic principles of Capitalism are for a small percentage of people to control most of the resources at the expense and labor of the majority who do not understand the magic of capitalism; this is the reason why crime is so high in the United States simply because the have not’s are trying to figure out how to optain the wealth and resources of the have’s by anymeans necessary. [It’s the old game of carrot on the stick] [The trick is to make the have not’s [feel] inferior to the have’s, and just except the status of servitude]

Nuwpunu peoples culture Wu-nuwaupu is solely based on Nuwpunu people adhering to and being in tune with Natural Law, living for, of, and by each others needs. In our culture we are the keepers of each other, living as one mind, many bodies!

This cultural principle is opposite to the Western concept of Capitalism based on the consumption of Natural resources to the smartest, sharpest, slickest, cleverest sells person . This is why Nuwpunu peoples are having such a hard time living and adapting to Western Culture. Nuwpunu people by Nature are not Capitalist & will mostly likely never adapt as a whole to Capitalism.

What Is Due Process Of Law?

The most important procedure in Law and Government Regulation is Due Process of Law which is that –

You Are Innocent Until You Are Proven Guilty Beyond A Reasonable Doubt! Unless there is a eyewitness or overwhelming evidence, or a confession, no one can be held accountable for a alleged crime that cannot be proven who the guilty party is.

In all cases such as these where there is no gulity party it becomes the burden of the Government to restore or try to repair the wrong that was done to the victim.


 What Is A Government

A Government is a group of people usually of the same race, culture and most likely from the same geographic location who make a pledge to each other called a Constitution to protect and defend each other and their posterity from foreign aggression. The goal of these groups of people is usually liberty to express and live their way of life free from foreign interference.


1. Governments are created to protect the Rights of the Citizens or Nationals of the Nation in which the Government was created to serve.

2. Governments are obligated to make certain that a Nations Laws are acknowledged, respected, and observed.

3. Governments exist to protect the Nationals rights to live the culture of that society free from foreign intervention.

4. Governments are obligated to create and command standing armies whose job it is to defend the Nations/Nationals sovereignty at all cost within the bounds of Righteousness & Justice.

5. Governments exist to serve the Nationals that live within its boundaries. Governments only consist of Nationals who share the same cultural values, and are of the same racial background.

6. Governments create laws, rules, codes, and regulations that protect or enhance peoples lives, but never restrict.

7. Governments exist to maintain Ma’at – Righteousness, Justice, Balance, Order.

8. In order for a Government to be just and effective the Nationals within a society must be educated as to the purpose and nature of its Government.

9. Governments can only have honest Representatives if the Nationals of that Nation are fully educated as to the nature, purpose, and agenda of every candidate that they vote for.

10. Governments are for the people, of the people, and by the people who share the same cultural life style.

What Government Is Not!

1. If people are in fear of their so called Government – then that’s not a Government.

2. Government does not have the power to give people rights or take them away – people are born with their rights. People can choose to restrict their rights if its for the greater good.

3. Government cannot pass laws that either deprive or restrict people’s natural birth rights. All laws passed by Representatives must be at the approval of the people and for the greater good.

4. Governments do not have the power to penalize any National- such as death penalty – life imprisonment – or what is known as punitive damages. Governments obligation to its Nationals is to protect and defend peoples rights, but Governments are not created to revenge the wrongs of one National against another. Governments can only try to restore what was lost by a National by obligating the National responsible for the harm done.

5. Governments cannot create so called laws designed to prevent crimes because World Culture has proven that No Law can prevent any crime from happening!

6. Governments consist of elected officials who care about people and the earth as a whole, not to use their position as a career choice for personal gain.

7. Government is not a Government if the citizens of that Nation do not know their rights, laws, or function of its Government nor have the power to abolish their Government to form a new one.

8. Government is not of or for the people if its elected officials are allowed to have secrets telling its Nationals that they are not privileged to know. Such as the UFO question.

9. Government cannot exist if its Nationals are dissatisfied with its Nations agenda or behavior and have little power to change its Government.

10. Governments cannot exist in harmony in a multicultural/bi-racial society. You will always see injustice by one group of people over another. This is the cause of every Revolution, the injustice of one class of people for the benefit of another.

What Are Rights?

Rights are actions that all people from birth are able to do without permission from anyone. Governments exist only to protect these rights listed below.

Such As-

Own Property
Cultural Lifestyle
Defend Themselves
Privacy/ The Right To Be Left Alone
Move or Live Where One Choose
Make Decisions Of Your Own Choosing …..

No one should be afraid to exercise their natural born rights.
No one has the right to deprive anyone of their rights as long as they are not depriving anyone else of their rights- or being distructive!



4 comments on “Replacing Nature With Law

  1. roberta4949 says:

    this would be true in a true utopia, I mean now adays you need a license to do all these things you already have a right to do, start a business, travel by any mode acceptable like a car, horse, bike or whatever, and make a living, trade with others, fiat currency and taxes nullify that too, you have to pay the gov for the privelege to make a living and earn your own wealth, and of couse the gov will put it’s nose into everyone elses business then say we must pay them more money to pay for said services even tho we don’t want it, while I am for paying for something I actually want, if I don’t want it why should I have to pay for it? in the gov eyes I have to pay becaue there are others who want it but can’t pay for it due to whatever circumstances,basically saying we are obligated to take care of others outside our families whether we like it or not. really I was thinking today how often we do something to benefit ourselves we end up benefitting others, for example, they stopped spraying so much for mosquitos, I thought for sure that would mean more of these nasty crittors but it turns out private individuals are treating their own water sources for the crittors and the mosquitos are actually less then when they used to spray, I haven’t paid a dime yet I am benefitting, should I now pay the ones doing the treating because I am benefitting from it? I mean do we keep sending bills to people becuase they are benefitting from something we do to benefit ourselves? so when we build wealth for ourselves (honestly and lawfully) we benefit others indirectly, so when the gov decided to solve a problem that was already being solved, they actually damaged people’s ability to benefit themselves which spills over to others losing any benefit they would of got. then the load gets heavier and heavier, for the producers who end up not producing anymore because you get tired of having it taken away and not benefitting from your hard earned wealth. we see humans are not meant to rule over other humans, we cna’t rule over ourselves let alone others, Jehovah did not give us the ability or the right to do so, only he can give us the directions and application of laws in a way that benefits us all equally (while still allowing for individual variations of wealth and benefits and abilities) let’s face it I will never be a super athelete like a marathon runner who wins the big bucks because they have the genetics and training to do so, I will never be a einstiein, or a entrapranuer, but I dont need to be for us all to equal under the law, so humans trying to rule properly is impossible, so many realize it I am sure and leave politics others just say so what I will get out of it what I can before I retire so I never have to work a day in my life and still live in luxury. many of these isms are not bad in principle, only in practice. captialism socialsm or communism, these are okay in principle (sharing and showing concern for your neighbor and having a prosperous and clean world) it is the application of achieving this that leads to breaking the very laws that we need to have in order to achieve this utopia. I guess it comes down to motives, what is the motive for wanting to rule your fellow man? self enrichment or selflessness?

  2. LAWS: the Legal Arm of White Supremacy as per Nelly Fuller Jr.

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