Beloved Pork – and Worms

pork.jpgThe Truth About Pork (The Pig)
By The Most Honorable Elijah Muhammad

Excerpt from “How to Eat to Live,” Book Two 1972 (edited)

Pork or pig, all its parts and by-products, has been a chief food for the so-called American Negro since the days of his physical bondage. The pig was not made for human consumption. The pig is the chief cause of many of the ills and mental deficiencies occurring among the people who eat it.

The pig is a mass of worms. Each mouthful you eat is not a nutritious food but a mass of small worms the naked eye cannot detect. Worms thrive in the hog. When these worms are digested into your system, they cause a high birth rate to hundreds of new worms called larvae which travels the blood stream of your system and lodge in your muscles. These worms even enter your brain, lungs or your spinal fluid. They cause muscular aches, fever and many other symptoms of sickness. The worm has an amazing ability to go undetected in your system for many years.

The scientific name for the ill-causing worm found in all pork is Trichinella spiralis which causes trichinosis. [Trichinosis? Trick-nosis? Trickster Trickology. TMB]

Despite what veterinarians, public health officials, the Agricultural Department or your doctor say, the best defense against the pig is DO NOT EAT IT! When you do eat it, you do not hurt God or anyone else. You hurt yourself. Thorough and slow cooking of pork does not remove the danger of the worms found in all pork. Additional cooking of pork purchased in the summer or processed pork products does not make the worm-infested pork safe for eating.

Inspection and governmental seals on pork do not remove the danger of the worms yet in the pork to make it safe for you to eat. It is best not to eat pork, raw, processed, cooked, smoked, cured or seasoned.

You are what you eat, so why not eat the best and be the best.

Do not allow this rotten, diseased meat to be brought into your homes.

Pork is often referred to as “cured.” The word “cured” is the past tense of the verb “cure.” If a meat has to be cured before we eat it, we should not even take the chance to eat it.

The pig should not be eaten, despite the whites setting up governmental bureaus to grade and approve the selling of pork. Ban this meat from [our] communities and all those who [come sell it for us to eat]!

Source: http://www.whoistheoriginalman .com/pork.html



13 comments on “Beloved Pork – and Worms

  1. honeytreebee says:

    They flash freeze all pork here as that kills the worms and then instruct you till recently to cook it well to further ensure no infection. However, I have investigated even the best so called pork shops and all of them have these worms. Sigh I don’t want to even think about all of the bacon I have eaten in my life time. Yes, the best approach is not to eat sick animals and animals with worms. While our bodies when strong can handle most parasites that we come in contact with we are not as strong as we once were and why should we be eating bad food. These worms are also found in bears, horses, rabbits, and snails. So, don’t eat those either.
    while cooking may kill the worms the toxin released are another story and most people die or are get sickened by the toxins released. Also, this is what happens when they are alive and on the brain or another organ when they release their waste (shit) on your brain or where ever it is, the toxins will eventually do the damage or kill you.

    • Much appreciated. I called the article beloved pork, because I stubbornly continued to eat pork long after I stopped eating other animals. If it was about the pig eating filth, most factory animals were eating worse, so the filth-story did not convince me to step away from the pork. No one had told me about the WORMS! Hopefully this article informs others who did not know.

  2. Great post! Black folks really need to leave that filthy pork alone. It’s a real hard habit to break because so many of us grew up eating it. But after doing research on how gross and unhealthy it is—-I had to give it up. Proud to say I haven’t touched it in ten years. Although I did eat turkey bacon for while after

    • LOL. @ Turkey bacon. There needs to be a better explanation on why pork is filthy. I did do some flimsy research in the past, but I found nothing on the worms as this article shows. The warning has always been against uncooked and undercooked pork. So I cooked it twice. Wikipedia still only warns as such. Once people know that pork equals poison and the poison stays in the body long after the pork meat has gotten disposed of, then it will be easier to convince people to let go of it, and other meat like it. Much appreciated.

    • Oh yeah I hear This video right here was enough for me to stay away from that filthy beast!lol

    • “We are legion.” Still, in the video they claim that cooking the pork through is enough to deal with it. No words on worms nor eggs. And some people will listen to the Federal Drugs Agency lying that pork is safe. When they get ill, they will just take some Pharma drugs. ‘When will the madness end?’
      Much appreciated. Peace.

    • FDA=Mafia!lol But you’re right,they still end up saying it’s okay to eat. That is very misleading indeed.

  3. Porky has tricks up his meat! If this dont help then nothing will.

  4. Wow. insightful stuff. I will give it a try; laying off pork.

  5. twrightlove says:

    Pig/Pork free for the past 3 or 4 years! I’ll pass this on.

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