Black Health – Body Cycles

African-foodsBody Cycles

The Right &Wrong Time To Eat

from 12 noon to 4pm (spring/summer)
from 11 am to 3pm (fall/winter)

The body is receptive to taking in food during this time. Our bodies are most capable of taking in food during this time because our metabolism is high while the sun is up.

from 8pm to 4am (spring/summer)
from 7pm to 3am (fall/winter)

During this time the body is extracting the nutrients from the foods that we have eaten. The majority of these hours are when you are suppose to be sleeping. While we are sleeping, the body extracts the nutrients from the foods that we have digested and carry them to the organs, glands, and tissues within the body.

from 4am to 12 noon (spring/summer)
from 3am to 11am (fall/winter)

During this time our body is eliminating toxic waste. The body eliminates waste via the skin, bladder, lungs, colon, etc. However, during this time the body is working at an accelerated speed to eliminate toxic waste so that uneliminated waste does not turn into fat or poison. Your body is using its energy to eliminate the toxins that are keeping you in pain, overweight, fatigue, and ill. The very thing that your body wants the most is to eliminate unwanted toxins. When you eat breakfast the body stops the elimination process to digest the food eaten during the elimination cycle. Our body uses 80% of stored energy to digest foods. Eating breakfast is the key reason why most people are tired in the morning and result to stimulants like coffee or sodas.

To go at least 24hours without food is fasting. The proper way of breaking a fast is with juice, tea, fruit or soups.

And Remember The Golden Rule – To Never Eat At Night – Which This Destructive Culture Teaches You To Do!

How To Lose Weight

One must overstand the nature of the Human body before they can realize how to acquire optimal health and wellbeing. Once one begins to analyze their own body by simply paying attention to bodily functions such as the times one eats, the times one feels sleepy, the times one wakes, the times one goes to the bathroom, the times one feels hungry, as well as the times one has cravings. Once you begin to pay attention to your body then you can begin to repair the damage done from being addicted to the negative destructive life style of Western Culture.

The number one way to lose weight is simply to stop eating!

What we mean is that Western Culture teaches people to eat all day, every day, which is simply an insane way to live! Because of the types of food eaten in Western Culture the body should only intake that type of food once [every] day. [This] is necessary for the body to burn the food that is taken in. Please realize the only reason people eat [so much] is not because the body needs [all that food] for that day, its only because we have been programmed from birth with this false cultural concept and we now eat like that simply out of addiction!

How does one overcome addiction to eating?
You overcome your food addiction simply by using mind programming affirmations why you must fast, why you must lose weight, remind yourself that you are harming your body, make your thoughts very emotional, keep these thoughts in your mind all day every day. Please realize this is why you’re eating so much simply because you think of food everyday all day and the Food Corporations know this, which is why they reinforce your addiction with over whelming you with TV commercials about food and how the food you eat makes you feel good!

You Must Use Your Will Power Or You Will Destroy Yourself Like Most People With No Right Knowledge Is Doing – [Don’t Forget You Must Workout As Well]!!!



7 comments on “Black Health – Body Cycles

  1. I think I have the opposite problem as most people. I can eat a gallon of ice cream every night before bed and not gain a single pound. At my age I should have me a nice pot belly and a set of love handles. But, such is life.

    • Hmmm. It seems like you want to share some things about yourself. I got some time as I just finished a post.
      1. Usually women eat gallons of ice cream. [Refrasing: Why do you]?
      2. What is your age? 40-50?
      3. Are you saying that you are lacking love and would not mind if the toxins you ate, got wrapped into fat cells, so you could [think] that you are just loving yourself? Instead of connecting to someone and engaging in a healthy and loving relationship. No longer having a desire for… frozen sugar and milk.
      4. When was the last time you ate ice cream before bed several nights in a row? How did you feel in the morning?

    • honeytreebee says:

      If you are indeed eating like that you are still doing damage though it may not show up on the outside and give you a big warning. Also, there are a lot of slim diabetics out there. So, be careful. Also, nerves can burn up a lot of energy and burn you out. I hope you are just saying that you could do this as an example.

  2. honeytreebee says:

    Lots of great information in this post love it please keep it coming.

  3. As an herbalist, I love this article! Tinctures are God’s gift to diseases.

    Peppermint, cloves, oregano…all good stuff.

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