AlloPathetic Notes

From Whale

State Medicine. The Medical Monopoly. Hiding behind these names: Orthodox, Modern, Scientific, Contemporary, Traditional, Conventional, Evidence/Science based, or School medicine. Aka Big Pharma, The Drug Trust, Modern science, The Medical Profession, The Medical Industry, the Cancer & AIDS Industry, The Medical-Industrial Complex, Corporate Medicine.

Pure Evil, hence the term Medical Mafia.  Allopathy Inc is a covert Church. Allopathic Medicine is mostly based around patentable drugs (pharmaceutical medicine), with radiation and surgery.  Administered by the ‘Medical Profession’ who are all medical doctors.  These medical doctors that will only use the drug company products are called Allopaths, as opposed to the ones who use alternative medicine (non-Allopathic), such as nutrients.  It is run by the Medical Mafia.   One of the best kept secrets is the Allopathic medical monopoly.  The merger of State with Corporate power is called Fascism, so this is medical Fascism.   

If you look into the use of nutrients, herbs and naturopathy you will see that they are far more effective than Allopathy, yet we can only get Allopathy on the NHS, a very simple expose of the real situation—monopoly medicine.  Also see: The Vitamin C Conspiracy  and The Cancer Conspiracy  (hence Fascism) just for starters.   

The whole enterprise is resting on the Vivisection hoax, with the yearly slaughter of  300 million (1993) animals (not to mention the massacre of the Sacred Yewtrees through Taxol), and the Vaccination Hoax.  Allopathy is the leading cause of child death and disability in the first world (while third world children are given the mercury containing and other withdrawn vaccines), eg autism, and the leading cause of death (It is likely that over 50 million Americans have died prematurely due to Allopathy”) made worse by its 100 year + suppression of alternatives, trueDisease Theory, and the cause of most diseases, while it covertly promotes or turns a blind eye to Junk food, such as Bottle-feeding, & Aspartame & MSG, and other poisons such as Fluoride  and Mercury amalgam.

Imagine that instead of saying you were going to the doctor, you said you were going to see the Allopath, like you do with Homeopathic or Naturopathic doctors.  Think about that, and you will see why Allopathy is a non-word. Also see Nazi connections to Allopathy.

Allopathy is essentially an extortion scheme using a Protection Racket called The Fear of Disease.  It has taken over from religion as a false God, and derives its power from Big Brother, it being his main source of income (covert taxpayer robbery) and means of control, as the Church used to be in the old days. Big Pharma also meshes with Sex Inc.

“The beginning of wisdom is to call things by the right names.”  Chinese Proverb



2 comments on “AlloPathetic Notes

  1. honeytreebee says:

    This is true yet, it goes even deeper for a lot of what people think are health foods are poisons and thing like fruit should be eaten in moderation never in large amounts even though they are nutrient rich foods. Too much of anything can become a poison and too little of what you need can have a devestating effect too. Looking at the food pyramid and the fact that this symbol is used that was is very telling. Food placed on or inside of a pyramid gives the image a certain power that is haed to argue against. Just a thought.

    • The food pyramid has been proven to be a big scam. Something to blind the public with, or to blame the victims when they show up in the hospitals. Good health starts with a good diet. GMO food should not be part of a diet, because that will lead to the health scare industry forcing you to supplement the GMO diet with pharma drugs. It is just business. So wisen up, and invest in real food to keep that doctor away. Peace.

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