Law of Slavery – 1

elephantiasis-of-gerardo-feldstein-15The Book of the Law of slavery

Chapter I: The Philosophy of slavery 5
Chapter II: The Submission 7
Chapter III: Definitions 8
Chapter IV: Training 9
Chapter V: General Behavior of the slave 10
Chapter VI: Behavior of the slave in The Master’s Prison and Dungeon 16
Chapter VII: Behavior of the slave in The Master’s Household 17
Chapter VIII: Behavior of the slave in The Master’s Bedchamber 18
Chapter IX: Discipline and Punishment Defined 19
Chapter X: The slave’s General Conduct 22
Chapter XI: Specific Duties of the slave 23
Chapter XII: Miscellaneous 24
Chapter XIII: The Contract 26

The slave has agreed to forego the exercise of its own ego and has voluntarily given up all rights, personal and legal, in order to become the property of The Master. To this end, this Book of slave Laws has been compiled, the better to regulate the slave’s service to its Owner.

The purpose of this Book of slave Laws is to codify and enforce the property rights of The Master over all slaves in His custody. These property rights are total and absolute; The Master shall be entitled to all rights implied by the term “Ownership” over His slave, and the slave, as property, shall have no rights whatsoever under the Law, either explicitly stated, or by implication. Nothing in this Book of slave Laws shall be interpreted as limiting the absolute right of The Master to use His property in any way He pleases, nor shall any part of the Law be taken as conferring any rights of any kind on the slave.

Regulations and procedures governing slave behavior, training, discipline, enforcement, sentencing, and punishment may at times take into account the health and safety of the slave, but the purpose of such regulations and procedures shall be to keep and maintain The Master’s slave in top physical condition and fit for labor, sex, and other uses at all times. Such protections as are provided for the health and safety of the slave shall therefore be considered solely in the light of The Master’s desire to have the fullest possible use of a fully functioning slave and shall not imply any limits on His right to make any use whatsoever of His property at any time. As with any other part of the Law, all such protections, regulations, and procedures are subject to change and amendment according to the Will of The Master, who is the final and unquestionable Authority on all points of enforcement, implementation, and/or interpretation of the Law.

Chapter I
The Philosophy of slavery
This is a society of sadists and masochists, whether or not those living in it realize this or admit it. Humans pay back-breaking taxes to hire governments to cheat and oppress them, armies of policemen to harass and abuse them, censors to tell them what they may or may not do, and leaders to exploit them. They are not too different from the next person on the street, except for one thing: a slave gives itself to its Master, lock, stock, and barrel. Everything it is or has is in The Master’s hands. Its personality and psyche, as well as its physical being and sex life, are what its Master determines they will be. It could be a big responsibility and one that may make slaves of both parties.

The Master’s time is precious and His time with the slave may be short. In no case does this fact detract from the standards of excellence expected from the slave. Training may be harsh. This is the fastest way to train and also the method that produces the most effective results. The slave will enthusiastically accept training. The Master may or may not acknowledge when a task is performed properly; however, the slave will sincerely thank The Master for the privilege of performing that task. The Master will take as long as necessary to train the slave as long as the slave is genuinely trying and not malingering. Once a slave has been trained, if it fails in a task, it will be assumed that it is being disobedient and he will be punished.

The slave’s body becomes The Master’s property; as such, the slave has no right to protest any use The Master chooses to make of it. Rather, it is an honor if The Master deigns to touch, whip, or mark the slave in any fashion He desires.

It is the slave’s duty to obey any and all commands given by The Master, and to do this without question or hesitation.

In all of its personal activities, the slave surrenders all decisions to The Master.

The Master may choose to ignore the slave for long, extended periods. The slave will remain silent and chained, if necessary, for whatever length of time The Master requires.
The slave has agreed to adhere with all his life to the articles in this Book of Laws, or any other rules or regulations The Master may add at a future time. The slave understands that The Master is the sole judge in determining whether an infraction of these Laws has occurred. The Master is also the sole judge in determining the degree of punishment.
The slave has determined that its purpose is to serve and submit to another Man as His property. To this end, it has offered its service and submission to The Master, Who has accepted. This document sets forth the conditions of the slave’s service and promulgates the Laws under which it will live during the term of ownership.

Part of a slave’s training is having clear-cut rules to live by. There are rules that apply to all situations and some that apply only when in the presence of The Master or in an environment where The Master/slave lifestyle is understood and accepted.

A. The slave’s Sixteen General Orders
These rules are to be memorized by the slave. The Master, at His discretion, may call upon the slave to recite any or all of them in any order at any time.
1. The slave speaks only when spoken to and then says “Sir” or whatever other term of respect The Master requires with every sentence. When referring to itself, it says “it”, “the slave”, or whatever other term The Master requires.
2. The slave obeys all orders, no matter what. it questions nothing and is punished if it does.
3. The slave will always show its Master the highest level of respect in all ways.
4. The slave will never lie to its Master. The slave will never keep any information from its Master that He may require in order to train or use His property. The slave understands that The Master will make use of this and all information regarding the slave in the furtherance of its goal to be the perfect slave for its Master.
5. The slave does not sit or lay in its Master’s presence. it may stand or kneel, but will sit or lay only when ordered.
6. A slave never wears clothing unless ordered. it seldom wears anything above the waist outdoors other than leather (if earned), and indoors little below the waist other than chains.
7. The slave’s body will be shaved at all times.
8. The slave will have no privacy from its Master. There is nothing that the slave will not reveal to Him. The slave is The Master’s property and, as such, He has the right to know everything. Conversely, The Master has the right to any privacy He wants from the slave.
9. its toilet training begins with always obtaining permission to use the bathroom — and is seldom allowed to use it alone.
10. All of the slave belongs to The Master; it is not allowed to touch certain areas of itself or its Master for any reason without permission.
11. All of a slave’s possessions automatically become The Master’s. The slave owns nothing.
12. The slave lives by a curfew; all personal habits — such as drinking, smoking, eating, sleeping, exercise, and sex — are governed completely by The Master.
13. The slave will memorize the slave’s creed and recite it every morning and evening. The slave will recite it upon command of The Master any time and anywhere with heart-felt feeling. All repetitions of the slave’s creed must be letter perfect.
14. The slave shall keep its feeble mind concentrated solely upon service to The Master and shall demonstrate its acceptance of its role of service and availability at all times.
15. All orders are subject to written or verbal modification at the pleasure of The Master and The Master may impose such additional orders as He deems appropriate.
16. Whenever The Master or the slave enters a room in which the other is already present, the slave will immediately kneel and kiss The Master’s feet, unless physically unable to or under previous orders not to. If The Master’s Cock is free, the slave will take It into its mouth after kissing The Master’s feet and keep It there until The Master orders otherwise.

The slave’s Creed
“Master, the slave freely and willingly affirms that it is His subhuman, cocksucking, piss-drinking, ass-eating slave, whose sole reason for existence is His pleasure. it has no rights or privileges. it swears to always honor The Master through obedience and service. its body and mind are His to use in any way He chooses.
“Master, it acknowledges that He is under no obligation to explain His orders or to justify His treatment of the slave, but it is under every obligation to obey Him and accept His treatment of it.
“Master, it acknowledges that His piss and especially His cum are precious and when introduced into its body, it will regard it as a privilege to be a vessel, to hold them within it through swallowing or in its rectum. it vows never to spill or leak The Master’s fluids.
“Master, the slave’s body, mind, and soul are from this day forth the private property of The Master, to be used as He sees fit. it promises to obey Him completely, to do whatever He tells it to do, to submit to any punishment He sees fit to impose on it.
“Master, it renounces any rights that it may have to think its own thoughts, care for its own needs or comfort, or control its own destiny. From now on, it shall wear only what The Master commands it to wear, and serve only those persons He commands it to serve.
“Master, any wages that the slave may earn are the property of The Master. it may spend only what He gives it to spend and use the money He gives it only as He permits it to spend it.
“Master, since it hereby renounces any rights to a personal opinion, desire, or need of its own, this agreement can never be broken by the slave for any reason whatsoever. its obligation to The Master is to be whatever He wants it to be. He has no obligation to the slave whatsoever, and therefore can by no means forfeit His rights to own, command, restrain, or punish its services as He desires.
“Master, in the event of the death of The Master, the slave is to be subject, along with His other personal property, according to the terms of His last will and testament.
“Master, the slave acknowledges that it is a faggot slave that lives to love, worship, serve, and obey its Master with no hope or expectation of having its love returned by Him.”

Chapter II
The Submission
The slave has applied to enter the service of The Master, Who has accepted that service. To this end, the slave has given up all rights of person and property to The Master. it has given up its name, its family, its friends, its community, its property and belongings, and its entire life to The Master. Even the slave’s gender and species have been stripped from it, never to be returned. Henceforward, it will be known only as “the slave”, although The Master may, at His option, assign a slave name and/or number, to which the slave will always answer.

Herewith are the Laws regarding the slave’s submission in general:
A. Law on the Detention and Incarceration of the slave: The purpose of this Law is to establish the mandatory sentence of life imprisonment for The Master’s slave.
1. Upon being permanently remanded to the custody of The Master for ownership, the slave property will be automatically sentenced to life imprisonment in His slave prison and dungeon.
2. Upon sentencing, the slave shall be assigned a permanent cell or cage in the slave prison, which shall be the slave’s natural and permanent home for the duration of its sentence.
3. Upon sentencing, the slave shall be stripped of all clothing and possessions and all such clothing or possessions shall automatically revert to the ownership of The Master, along with the slave property and slavecock property.
4. Upon sentencing, the slave shall be permanently stripped of all rights, privileges, and “human” attributes, including its name, gender, and species, and all future rights, privileges, and attributes, including its name shall be assigned by the slave to its new Owner.
5. Any failure on the part of the slave to comply with all the conditions of initial sentencing, detention, and incarceration shall be considered a Class IV Felony.
B. Law on slave Gratitude for the Privilege of its Service: The slave shall humbly and happily accept its place in life as the total slave of The Master, showing Him at all times that it is sincerely grateful for the privilege of serving Him, obeying His Commands, carrying out His Orders, and receiving His instruction and discipline. Any failure to perform this activity shall be considered a Class III Felony.

Chapter III

A. The Master
1. The words “Owner” and “Lord” in this Book of Laws shall apply only to the Ownership and Lordship of The Master.
2. The Master shall have complete and absolute authority and power over His slave property, over any existing or future subsidiary property formerly belonging to the slave in its free state; over all income and proceeds from labor of His slave property; over all creations or constructions of His slave property; over all work and productivity of His slave property; over the Law, its amendment, and enforcement; over the behavior and attitude of His slave property; over the types and kinds of disciplines and punishments given to His slave property; over the sexual services and activities of His slave property; over all other services and activities of His slave property; over the body, mind, emotions, and soul of His slave property; over the household in which the slave property is kept; over the dungeon and related training and punishment facilities in which the slave property is trained and disciplined; over all public and private interactions of His slave property; and over all aspects of His slave property’s life and existence, whether specifically codified in this Law or not.
3. The relation of The Master to His slave property will not be other than that of an Owner, Lord, and Master to His slave property, regardless of the context, content, or particular details of any subsidiary aspect of the relationship.
4. The Absolute Ownership, Lordship, Power, and Authority of The Master over His slave property shall take precedence over any other demands of any kind or type on the slave. The Superiority of The Master to His slave property shall be defined as an infinitely higher magnitude of Superiority to that of any of the slave’s other Superiors. The Master’s Authority shall take absolute precedence over all other forms of Authority to which the slave is exposed, whether of a public or private nature, whether of other Superior Males, Men, or of any civil, legal, or other authority.
5. No form of Authority or Power over the slave, other than that of The Master, shall be recognized by the slave without specific prior authorization by The Master, and if any other such authority is recognized, The Master shall, in His Wisdom, set the limits and parameters of such authority.
6. Any failure on the part of the slave to recognize and acknowledge the Authority and Supremacy of The Master’s Will in all matters, or failure to bow and submit to such Absolute Authority, or failure to distinguish between the Supreme Power and Authority of The Master on the one hand, and the lower Order of Power and Authority exercised over it, with His authorization, by any lesser Superior, civil, legal, public, or private Authority, shall be considered a Class III Felony.

B. The slave
1. For the purposes of this Law, “slave” shall be defined as an inferior subhuman animal which exists solely as the property of its Owner, Lord, and Master. By definition, a slave is owned and viewed as the chattel and property of its Master, property that can be taken and used as its Master might see fit, without rights, privileges, or freedoms except those clearly and specifically granted by The Master and can be denied at any time. Slaves exist solely for and at the pleasure of The Master!
2. The nature of the slave is that of a submissive obedient male born to serve and obey its Superiors. For the purposes of this Law, “superior” shall be defined as any Male with whom the slave comes into contact, including other slaves, and any other being so defined by The Master.
3. The function of a slave is to eagerly and unquestioningly offer itself for any use its Owner wishes to make of it.
4. The purpose of a slave is to provide its Owner with any comfort, pleasure, need, or desire He may demand of it, to make Him happy in His ownership and use of it, and to please and satisfy Him in any and every way.
5. The duty of a slave is complete unquestioning obedience without exception, to the Will, Law, Orders, and Commands of its Master. The slave will consider all statements, requests, utterances, and verbal issuances of The Master as Orders or Demands.
6. Under the terms of this Law, it shall be a Class II Misdemeanor for the slave to fail in any way to fulfill its legal obligations to its Owner as stated in the above definition of its nature, function, purpose, and duty.

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