Del Jones – Nana Kuntu


From Da Frontline (excerpt)
By Del Jones

Most of us throw the word revolution around until, like whites, we distort the seriousness of the term.

It must be understood that revolution is a process and not an event. Therefore, we are always involved with the revolutionary struggle. Sometimes we are making advances and other times we are being driven back.

Most of us can’t tell, because we are ideologically weak, brainwashed and politically retarded. “The Amerikkkan [Ni@@er] Factory” is responsible for the state of consciousness amongst our people trapped in this nation. Malcolm taught us “that a child is not born dumb but made dumb.” This apparatus, “[Ni@@er] Factory” that carries out the tasks of miseducation ‘n anti-Afrikan propaganda is key to the maintenance of our collective madness making cartoon characters outta of our people. And they laugh, they exploit and murder us globally undetected by most of their victims as the beat goes on.

Those who are loyal and teach the truth are avoided by the brainwashed, the Negroes and the punks as the race moves ever closer to annihilation. Naked dancin’ women, broken blunted men and unprotected children litter the globe drowning in victimization.

Conscious culture cadres, community organizers and nationalistic folk struggle against time and wage a royal rumble with very little except Afrikan creativity, spirituality and our traditional courage. Fearlessness is key ingredient locked in our melanin, our genes, our DNA, is what I say. Outta the drum we come! Revolution is matter-in-motion, its ancestral energy and a fierce pride possessed by those who know. Every time the enemy think they have bleached our minds by promoting our behinds, cultural cadres will sound the war gong and it is on.

Trapped in their genocidal dope-jam we rally, again and again. When all seems lost new cultural cadres fight their way through to serve the Afrikan Revolution. Every time the ovens are lit, the biochemical juice is being swallowed and police executions are stepped up we respond. Outta the smoke of war comes: Dead Prez, Mos Def, Talib, Common, The Coup, the Marley Clan, The Roots, Banju Banton, Erykah Badu, [Lauryn] Hill, and others representing to the highest.

Earlier we had Nina Simone, the Last Poets, Watts Prophets, Bob Marley, Fela Anikulapo Kuti, Peter Tosh and others. The work of Public Enemy, KRS-One, Paris, Scarface and others came later and they are still on the menu. You must always have progressive music if you want to foster a progressive movement.

It is our culture which beams lasers into the consciousness of those who are avoiding the truth, the reality, the pain. They deliver the word, no matter how tight the Amerikkkan [Ni@@er] Factory gets we break through and defend the people with the best we have.

At the same times books, web sites, cyber-war, bleeds thru the “great white lie” and delivers the word. We are beat up, we are bleeding and in this state we are dangerous, let our enemies beware. We are not going quietly into the night, ya gotta bring ass to kick ass. The pavements, jungles and deserts are red with our blood, our religious temples are burning and our backs are jammed up against the wall.

Civil Rights clowns are now mere chocolate Amerikkkan collaborators working hard to save Amerikkka. These puppets, punks and suckers fan out across the globe kickin’ U.S. foreign policy as they attempt to stamp out fires. Outta chaos comes order.

Jesse Jackson, Colin Powell, Andy Young, Vernon Jordan and anyone else who works for the enemy need the sheet pulled off their ass for participating in Amerikkkan imperialism. You can’t represent Amerikkka abroad without being a stooge, I don’t care who the hell ya are. More importantly, you can’t be aiding white supremacy and down with us too. Negroes locked in the antiquated Civil Rights mode are mere dreamers, political felons and backward slaves who would rather die then be expelled from this stolen land.

Write them off, it’s New Jack time, our strategies ‘n tactics for tomorrow demand loyalty to the race, self love and the Afrikan Patriotism of Lumumba, Dedan Kimathi, Carlos Cooks, George Jackson, Fred Hampton, Thomas Sankara, Kwame Nkrumah, Seku Ture, Harriet Tubman, Nanny, Yaa Asanteewaa, Zumbi, and others.

Tell me, in what capacity can we use Civil rights reformist? We are facing extermination and they are talking about co-habitation. It is a filthy madness, move them off point, it is time to create new organizations, collective leadership, a new vision and new goals ‘n objectives…seen?

We must avoid the cult of personality, no more super stars. O.K? All the above must color your thinking Black for the rest of ya life. There is no time to play games with religious leaders, civil rights and professional crisis hustlers swimming in the blood of the slaughter. Listen clearly, food and the weather modification are now their most powerful weapons. Add them to an arsenal that includes: miseducation, religion, biochemical weapons, anti-Afrikan propaganda, medicine, toxic dumping, neo-colonial lackies, police/military power and TERROR! Consequently, we have come full cycle, the land must change hands. We must take back that which was taken, it caused the destruction of Black civilization. Ya feel me? We must take it back the same way it was taken, by force. It is the only way, we have spent centuries proving that fact… all systems go!


[Kushite Prince pointed this brother out.]


7 comments on “Del Jones – Nana Kuntu

  1. “Kushite Prince pointed this brother out.” Who,me??lol Thanks,glad I could give you some information o this amazing brother. Del Jones doesn’t get the props he deserves. He is seriously slept on! His books really opened my mind!

  2. Gat Turner says:

    This post got me fired up! Catching up on my Dell Jones youtubes now. Won’t be sleeping on him in the future!

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