York on Six and Nine Ether

Whitened Buddha Jhwsun6 Ether, The Original Man, And Mankind
By Dr. Malachi Z. York

Now we will deal with the digit six (6) which is the digit (9) upside down like NU=9 and ZU=6 or for the sake of identity, we will call NOUS and ZEUS. In this we see that 6 is the opposite of 9 and that it also means that the power of six is sex and the power of nine is mind.

Since 9 and 6 are opposites, one has to represent life and and the other death; one has to represent order and the other disorder; one must represent the standard in Nature and the other substandard; one must represent the Sun and the other the Moon et cetera. Therefore, just as the Sun is opposite of the Moon, Ptahkind is is the opposite of mankind. Ptahkind is all people with genuinely kinky or kingly hair by Nature, and mankind are all peoples with straight hair by Nature. Ptahkind became identified with mankind down through evolution.

EVOLUTION is THE DEATH AND SLOW DECAY of A UNIVERSE. There are galaxies of Universes of which eye call MULTI-VERSES, throughout existence just as there are galaxies of stars throughout a Universe, and when a universe dies, that death is evolution. Hence, evolution is continuous decay and not improvement as Caucasians would have us BELIEVE. Caucasians are GHOST PEOPLE called PALE PEOPLE. A UNIVERSE is a BALL OF ETHER whose diameter is in the range from 3 trillion times 6 sextillion miles, to 3 trillion times 9 nonillion miles and whose insides are dotted throughout with LIQUID SOLID BALL GROWTHS called STELLAR CORES.

According to A LAW OF NATURE IN THE CODE OF THE OPPOSITES, everything that lives must die, be it flesh or spirit, visible or invisible, and a Universe is no exception, although it is the biggest existence that can be called a living being. A Universe is living at one time and dead at another time; it is in order at one time and in disorder or Chaos at another time. When a Universe dies evolution begins, and evolution is six and THE ZODIAC, the animal world. Death of a Universe takes forms, of animal-kind and the power of NECROMANCY. And that is why you see animals and humanoid figures of the Denderah of Egipt.

According to A LAW OF NATURE IN THE CODE OF THE OPPOSITES, there must be those who represent the Universe in life, and those who represent it in death because a being who represents life by Nature can not represent death also, for the formula of life is the opposite of the formula of death. Therefore, since the Prime Mover in matter was NINE ETHER who put matter in the orders called Multi-verses, it stands to Nine Reason that those ORIGINAL living beings in the Multi-verses would naturally represent the living Universe, and those ORIGINAL living beings were Woolly-Haired ETHER UTOPIAN Pygmies and their descendants called PTAHKIND. Hence, mankind represents the Universe in death which is evolution. Just like any other living being, the Universe is BORN, grows, matures, gets old, and declines into death, and that death is evolution – the coming of the Zodiac (Six Ether) into power in person of Original Man and other death dealing animals. Death takes the form of animal beings. ORIGINAL MAN is THE PHOENICIAN, INDIAN and MONGOLIAN PEOPLES. Mongolians are people like Chinese, Japanese and Koreans.

Mankind evolved from ANTHROPOID MONKEYS who inhabited Indonesia on the Equator. The summer season represents life in Nature and the winter season represents death. The monkey is one of the winter seed that came up as death, or the decline of nature in this Universe, out of the waters of Indonesia when the Universe died. In this, we see that the Denderah which was drawn up by PHOENISIAN EGIPTIANS, depicts the PTAHITES in an arrested development mode with hands tied and heads hung low and in some depictions, the heads decapitated. This is lets you know that PTAHKIND was bound while animal-kind, the Zodiac/Denderah was in season, the winter season or death stage of this universe.

Since Ether Utopians, that is Woolly Haired peoples on this planet, represents life by nature, he and she could not represent death by Nature, so by the forces of nature, mankind had to evolve from monkey for the purpose of supplanting the Ether Utopians so that death could reign and rule in its time and season which is the lowest point on the circle of Space Matter and Time, which is called evolution.

The winter season the Universe produced the chimpanzee monkey, and a branch of the the chimpanzee evolved into THE PHOENICIAN RACE – an East Indian type of people who occupy the northern regions of Africa and certain portions of Asia and are known today as ARABS. This people in time past represented the Sun God for Leviathan, the Zodiac, which is Six Ether. In time past, the chief God of the Phoenicians were called ELYON and RA but are called ALLAH today, and were called ZEUS by the GREEKS and JUPITER by the Romans, and MARDUK or ANU by the Babylonians.

Six Ether is Nine Ether IN DEATH, just as mankind is Ptah in PHYSICAL DEATH. In my last post, through these Liberation information writings, Nine Ether was defined as the combination of all existing gases and chemicals. Like Nine Ether, Six Ether is Conscious Gases, but Six Ether is not the complete combination of all gases and chemicals, meaning, it is void of the gases and chemicals that are necessary to sustain Universal life, because it lost them through age and exhaustion – this is how Nine Ether became Six Ether by the Nature of Nature. The Zodiac is Six Ether in the Atmosphere of the Universe and in animal flesh and blood. Again, Six Ether is Nine Ether in death. The Sun emanates Nine Ether during the summer (i.e. universal life) and Six Ether during the universal winter (universal death) Ether is conscious fire and gases. By now, a mental picture should start to develop of the 9 science that is being presented here. Eye have given clear examples of how the Ptahites have been on this planet for billions of years and you can go to any museum or website to see the evolution of monkeys. So as was stated earlier, when mankind started to evolve from monkey, Ptahites began to grow taller to become PTAH-KIND, or EVOLUTIONARY PTAH.

The winter season of the Universe produced the gibbon monkey, and a branch of the gibbon evolved into THE INDIAN RACE – the type of people that live in India and Pakistan and their descendants on other parts of the Planet. Phoenicians and have crossbred throughout the years and many American Indians were cross bred with Mongolians. Like the chimpanzee and orangutan, the gibbon came for from the waters in Indonesia on the Equator approximately 18 million years ago. Like the time the chimpanzee and gibbon took their respective developments into a race, a branch of the orangutan also took 12 million years to evolve into physically erect people called THE MONGOLIAN RACE. Mongolians are people like the Japanese and Chinese and their descendants in other parts of the Earth. The Phoenician, Indian, and Mongolian Races are ORIGINAL MAN – the fathers and mothers of ALL MANKIND. Mankind is all peoples with straight hair by nature. This is why TEHUTI, which is another depiction of the Moon God is shown as a Baboon and Monk comes from the word Monkey and TEHUTI is MARDUK to the SUMERIANS, and AL KHIDR to the ARABS, MELCHIZEDEK to the JEWS, and HERMES TRISMIGESTUS to the GREEKS. In essence, this is the MOON GOD LEVIATHAN called SIN whose Universal science is based on the Zodiac which is SIX and SIX is the animal world and its powers including mankind – king of the animal world.

The Phoenician Race represented the Sun for Leviathan; the Indian Race represented the Earth for Leviathan, and the Mongolian Race represented the Moon for Leviathan. LEVIATHAN is a Six Ether (the Zodiac) in the atmosphere of the Universe and in flesh and blood called ANIMALS. Ether Utopians, here you read a brief introduction to SIX Ether and what it produces, the CHIEF of whom is MANKIND. THE SERPENT symbolizes THE SUN for Leviathan; THE CROCODILE symbolizes THE EARTH for Leviathan and the THE MONKEY symbolizes the MOON for the same.

Source: http://www.radio-tamare.com/pdf/6_ether.pdf

See also: http://explodingdna.com/forum/showthread.php?t=9


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