Too Much Mess

Albino LionLet me repeat myself. I need to take a break. Too Much Black is starting to look like ‘Too Much Mess’ to me.

A few months ago I lost a notebook. The notebook was not my back-up memory. It functioned as my main memory, so I could free up as much pathways as I could manage to be able to deal with this real unreal world. A month’s bundle of notes and work gone, because of my own carelessness. Oh well, such is life. It is time for me to stop moaning about it.

On to the next thing to moan about. This week I managed to add to my memory loss. I lost a data stick that had all the books and articles that I publish on Too Much Black and Perfidious Albino. The number of articles that I have posted so far, are but a drop compared to that vast library. It took me many many months to collect that digital library, and I carelessly ‘donated’ it to whomever ‘found’ it. If this person knows anything from anything, he will know that he could just publish it all in one go. Unhindered by morals, he could even draw a vast crowd. A lot of controversial stuff that I had not gotten to yet. Most of the work I had not read yet. About 90%. I was already elated that I had found some treasures. My Precious. I remember fighting certain websites that blocked as I was downloading some of the stuff. Or my own computer crashing as my virtual memory could not handle all that activity.

Even worse, I had some of my own work stored on it. About 2%. I do not remember what work. Published work, or notes? Hopefully not the notes for the ten books that I was putting together. Someday it may come to pass. It is a good thing that I store most of my work on another data stick. Or is it bad, and should I consider another way of storing information? Maybe start using my own brain again? I know to remain in the Information Age, as other people pass me by as they cluelessly hurry into the Virtual Age.

In any case, I will not be starting to collect all that work again. I choose to grief and moan. I simply do not have the time to start over again. I need to fix a few things before getting back to a more regular j-o-b. It takes a lot of focus to not get bullshyted into some pointless exercise, because someone is looking for a personal slave to lay blame on. I am not letting myself get hurried astray. Leaders lead, workers work. Fall for an empty promise, and you will find yourself at work. Huh? Uhm. Moving on.

What was the last point I was going to make? I do not even remember. Well, that is clear enough. Apparently I am not doing so well. All the mess needs to be released away from my computer screen. I need to engage in outdoors activities a bit more. Before the air gets too toxic from all the chemical spraying to induce an artificial Autumn. Enough with the babble. I better stop while I am not too far behind.

Oh, I remember now. The next post was going to be on The Color Purple. But, I am not ready for it. I could not even properly edit the text on the assault on the Black man. I know that I need to deal with the attack on the Black womb-man first. This movie was a signal to all people to start ridiculing dark-skinned Black women, and distancing themselves from any “Celie” accordingly. That is the direction I want to continue in, so I can get into what started this “Balls” line of posts. The movies The Help and then The Butler. Ah, that reminds me of another problem. I have not seen the Butler movie yet, and I am not going to any time soon. So, what is the rush?!

Enough. All I wanted to state is that the virtual libraries remains open. While I go collect myself. Peace.


3 comments on “Too Much Mess

  1. So Ms. are you one of those dark skinned beauties?

    I think you should take it easy for a little, we’ll keep this thing in the road for you. How’s about a peek at No Black Pete?

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