Dr. Phil Helping Me to Deal With Katrina

Katrina - Government Does Not CareWhen I first heard about Katrina and a “Death March”, I did not even want to know what that was about. I was still overwhelmed by the whole New Ordeal, and could not make sense of the catastrophe. I needed help digesting the tragedy. The mainstream media focused on helicopter pictures of “refugees”, and took a stance against presumed “looting” and “rape”. By the same Black people who were said to be “refugees”. I could not break through the Internet filters to get to the real story. Still, I managed to learn about the government operation in favor of (oil) corporations.

Nature was not responsible for the horror. It was a terrorist attack, planned by those who decide the fate of millions by the stroke of a feather. No, they upgraded to stroke a computer key to send in the drone. This year I finally set out to collect articles to read and publish on my own site. But, I could not get to read the material. It was too heavy. I was just not ready to read about how little Black people still seem to matter to those who decide who is to be saved, and who is to rot in toxic water. And as I finally got as ready as I could get, I lost my digital library. Everything. Every article, every pdf-book, every whatever. Also on Katrina.

A sign to stop collecting, and get to work. I resort to my physical bookcase as I mourn losing what was never mine to begin with. I reach for Someday We’ll All Be Free by Kevin Powell. It is the second part of the book that is on Katrina. I read on p.121: “They runnin’ around here, the police, the army, pulling guns on people. They took me to jail the other day, talkin’ ’bout we lootin’. They get us way up there, then let us go after they handcuffed me and bust my arm up with them handcuffs. Then tell me they gonna shoot me if they see me back in the ‘hood. What is that after all I been through? I’m a grown man, I ain’t no child.” And I already I have to put down the book. Katrina still turns me into a wuzz without much effort. No matter, I need to start healing.

Healing? What am I talking about?! I have never been to New Orleans and I know no one from New Orleans – not even Little Wayne – so what does Katrina have to do with me? The last time I checked I was a hueman being, and declared fair game by the eugenical psychopathic ‘elite’ too.
– I was roaming around in Europe at the time, so why not rejoice in the fact that I was ‘safe’? Because, mass slaughter of chosen groups in America, means that the plans for mass slaughter of chosen groups in Europe have been drawn up too. Silent war is still war.
– It happened so long ago, why can I not just ‘get over it’? Because, there is nothing to get over. This is it. Wake up now, or wake up too late. Yes, like those who got sacrificed in this government operation. 
– Should I not just get ready for commemoration on 911? At the time of the 911 inside job, the plans for New Orleans were already drawn up, and the military trained not to intervene. Learn from 911 and apply it to Katrina.
– The world is crying over Syria, why not join in with the m-ass-es? Because, in the end, that part of the war is about Iran. And, most importantly, I have Katrina on my mind.

So. Miss me with the white babble. Katrina was a cold-hearted terrorist attack. Specifically aimed at Black people. Why? For the love of money and lack of compassion for Black people. By whom? By those who benefit from it. It is quite a short list, yet a long list of people profiting from war and man-made disaster. The ongoing war and disaster. The cold-hearted effort to keep people suffering has not escaped me. GMO crackers and ‘special’ water were not effective enough. Some of those who survived got ‘special’ trailers. Formaldehyde trailers. No, it is not a sick joke (see formaldehydelitigation.com or topclassaction.com). It is just plain sickening. Just as sick as bringing cholera to Haiti after the man-made earth-quakes and hurricanes. 

Even though it is time to start writing about Katrina, I am in no shape to do so myself. So, I have to bring in help. Standard operation on Too Much Black. It is not going to be the “Katrina month” that I had planned for, but here I finally go…

Phil Valentine Operation Death March Hurricane Katrina  

Part 1 of 8

5 comments on “Dr. Phil Helping Me to Deal With Katrina

  1. TrojanPam says:

    Thank you for reminding us about Katrina. It should have been a WAKE-UP CALL for ALL black people in the United States. But our memories are short and our desire for escapism is long

    what happened was domestic terrorism aimed at black people. No, NOT at poor white people, they were just “collateral damage”

    After Katrina, thousands of black people lost homes and land that they will never get back or be compensated for. Hundreds, perhaps, thousands of black people murdered or left to drown on a rooftop or rot in the water

    even a stranded dog would have received better treatment

    We better open our eyes and see who and what we are dealing with while we still have time.

    • Much appreciated. We knew that something was wrong at the time, but what?! Well, everything! And everything is still wrong. We are not even moving targets. We are still just sitting ducks. Thinking that a president or any other white savior will save anything but his own behind. Clearly, I have only just begun getting through this mess. Peace.

  2. Double sigh. Of course, the loss of my digital library does not compare to real victims losing everything. That is the point. ‘I lost what was not mine.’ BUT. That is how the goverment and PTB looks at the victims of New Orleans. That their land, property AND LIFE, was not theirs to begin with. Slaves cannot own property. “Property cannot own property.” I was going to write about it in a next post, but never mind. It is dealt with. Peace.

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