Katrina Causing A Single Wound Shot

Kanye Katrina WestKatrina remains on my mind until I have no more questions to get answered. So far, with every step that I take, more questions bubble up from the swamp called NWO. It seems that everything we need to know about the System can be linked to this catastrophe. It is all there. Before, during, and after. By working through the emotions tied to this terrorist act, the facts can come to surface. Some faked facts, some real facts. There is no need to decide right now. Right now, all that is needed is to find the pieces of the puzzle, and see what picture will form.

How about this for a picture? Black men getting executed, and Katrina used to hide the atrocity. I had heard it before, and that helped to force a shot-down on downloading anymore Katrina information into my brain. “Nah, they are going way overboard now…” Not according to former congresswoman Cynthia McKinney.

Yes, that is a Black woman talking about the government as the bunch of thugs that they are. McKinney was the Presidential Candidate for the Green Party. She did not stand a chance for several reasons. But, even if she had made the cut to stand a chance, pointing a finger at your employers is a sure why of getting… Katrina-d. So, who is this woman representing? Who is picking up the tab, so she can speak out of line? How is it helping the victims of Katrina?

Some whites are upset with McKinney for attacking their ‘precious’ Bush and for “hitting an officer”, while whites in the ‘truth’ movement (aka conspiracy theorists) simply cannot get enough of her mission. What is that mission? For the truth to come out, for the truth to get ridiculed, or to help spread more fear among African Americans? I do not have the answer yet, so I am asking. I will read some of her opinions on Black Agenda Report, and do some proper research. To understand why the Fock(-with-u)s News would give her special air time.

Is this about Katrina, or is this about using Katrina? I am not on anyone’s bandwagon. Even though, I like the image of this Black woman who – at least seemingly – seems willing to speak the truth. That is as far as I can take it. If McKinney is not calling the shots, then she is being used by those who do.  Clearly, people from the top down, were using Katrina. And it remains unclear to me how McKinney plays into their cards. Or, can it be that in realm of the psychopathic ones, people from the bottom up can finally call some shots too?


One comment on “Katrina Causing A Single Wound Shot

  1. Much appreciated. The title remains “Single Wound Shot”, but I did put up the right video now. The other stuff is not important.

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