Katrina – Just As I Thought I Could Walk Again. All Turned Quickly Into Sand. Y?

Balance BLPThe decision to finally take a closer look at the disaster called “Katrina” has already been paying off. I have been able to move closer to the source of my personal distress at the time. I had run away to find that I still had nowhere to turn to, in much of the same way as the Katrina victims and survivors. I was on a Doom March of my own, and just like the Katrina victims, I was unaware of it. Something was wrong, but I could not even begin to understand what nor why.

We did not know that we were looked upon as disposable waste. The first attempts to kill us, did not work. The second attempt took a lot of lives and limbs. And those who survived where told to walk towards the Dome. The assassins love their wordplay, but in our distress there is no time to appreciate their sick humor. We need water. We need food. We need shelter. We need help. Present tense.

We are a traumatized people, in dire need of healing. My personal Katrina in Hell Land pushed me toward the path of healing my self. But, I was so traumatized that I fought it. I kept looking to get saved. “Save me.” Save us. And that one request is the doom of us. It allows government agents to send us on Marches whenever they feel like it. And as we are unable to get our brains to function properly enough to come up with a decent alternative, we suffer the consequences of their ill will. As we continue to March, they continue to carry out their sick plans. We remain at a loss as we are still hurting from the effects of the last termination plans.

We all did as told. And look at what it brought us. Ever more trauma. Do not get preoccupied with it. They have so much more in store for us. All of us. These people have studied us for centuries, to know how to break us. They know what to tell us so we will continue to help them. And all we can think of is to look at somebody, anybody, and allow them to ‘save us’. While looking around for their ‘savior’, we should be aware of what all the last serpent saviors did to us. And they blame us. Sure, we helped them do it. We always help them do it. There is no victor without victims. And the victor knows how to get the victims to help him victimize.

In my own personal Katrina, I was pushed to malfunction. And I did as I had been taught. Yes, I went looking for a savior. Instead of seeking salvation into hell, I should have sought to get away from those firing away at me. I could not see that I was target practice. I simply did not recognize that level of insanity. I did not recognize it as it happened to me, and I did not recognize the bigger scale as it happened in New Orleans. I did not then, but I do now. I can see the savior-complex and I can see the cold-blooded targeting “just business” plan. On many levels. Personal, relational, familiar, social, “business”, the world.

Predators love traumatized people, for they are too distracted to recognize the predator or the baiting for attacks. The predator can get up close, and still get embraced. Dubya Bush had his moment. And, in my case, one of the predators also slithered down to take a good look at me.

Why then the picture of the naked Black couple? Well, if awakening means that we wake up to the mess the sick ones created for us, by enslaving and manipulating us to do it for them, then we need an antidote. Instead of asking the predators for help, we need start helping ourselves from the root up and the crown down. It is not enough to just get the poison out of our system. We need to connect to an upgraded version of our own system. To remember our inane sanity, and start to heal from there. And to start healing together. It is the ultimate goal. For Black men and Black women to stop bickering with each other, and to heal together instead. So we can bring into the world our own salvation.

But, for now, I need some help… to get my footing, and rise up so I can stand. Or for him to rise up, so we both can stand.






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