Melody In Melanin

Trinidad CarnivalMelanin!
By Nibs Ra & Manu Amun

What a glorious revelation it was for me to realize that: the key to life, the secrets of the universe, and the essence of divinity lives within the physical body of the Afrikan people! Let us take a journey into the depths of our bodies, minds, souls and the universe. Let’s explore what is perhaps the most powerful, extraordinary and mysterious substance known to man… the substance that defines who we are as a people… melanin!

What is melanin?
Melanin is a pigment that ranges in color from yellow to black and is found in every major organ of the body. It is the pigment that gives people of Afrikan descent, and otherwise ‘melanated’ people, their color. A primary function of melanin is to shield the body’s tissues from harmful radiation emitted by the sun.

The purest form of melanin is black, and it absorbs nearly all energy while reflecting very little. Melanin captures and stores various forms of energy such as light and sound. “[Melanin] may be viewed as a battery that is partially charged, and can always accept an electrical charge” (w. McCormick, fundamentals of college physics, pg. 276).

Melanin is primarily produced by special synthesizing cells called melanocytes within the skin and organs. It is also produced in the brain and nervous system without the aid of melanocytes. Individuals whose bodies can produce sufficient quantities of melanin will have dark skin, black hair and brown eyes. Those with bodies that are not able to produce significant amounts of melanin will have pale skin, blond or red hair, and light colored eyes (blue, green, hazel etc).

Melanin and life
“Melanin is the chemical key to life itself” (Suzar). It is found abundantly at conception and during embryonic development. It covers and protects both the sperm and egg. Within the embryo, brain cells, nerve cells and melanocytes all originate from the same source – the neural crest. The absence of melanin in embryonic development can cause birth defects and miscarriage. Most of the brain is heavily melanated; melanin is concentrated in the area of the brain responsible for sensory, motor, emotional, and motivational activities. All individuals, regardless of race, have this black brain-melanin.

Melanin and the Origin of Womb/men
“We now know, based on recent scientific studies of DNA, that modern humanity originated in Africa, that African people are the world’s original people, and that all modern humans can ultimately trace their ancestral roots back to Africa. Were it not for the primordial migrations of early African people, humanity would have remained physically Africoid, and the rest of the world outside of the African continent absent of human life.” (Runoko Rashidi, ‘African Presence in Early Asia’, 10).

All other races (brown, yellow and white) are derivatives of the Afrikan race. We cannot produce a ‘pure’ Afrikan out of the derivative races, but from the Afrikan, we can produce all other races! It is because of our common Afrikan ancestry that we can observe these internal similarities… the melanation of interior organs and the brain. The Caucasian/white and lesser melanated races are actually Afrikans who (rather recently) lost their exterior pigmentation due to environmental factors and geographic isolations.

Source: Light Words from The Dark; Continent A Collection of Essays, by Nibs Ra & Manu Amun, Revised Edition, 2009.


5 comments on “Melody In Melanin

  1. Very good Sista, most informative article for a short. Now how do we get this to the massive?

    “My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge” the bible.

    • Much appreciated. One of the lost files I managed to track down. As for the m-ass-es. They are not interested. If they cannot connect money to it, then they consider it just a waste of time. Until they run out of time… Peace.

  2. I loved this article so much I had to read it again.

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