Assassin In Our Midst

Evil Eye Wall PaperI do not want to go into the mercury water any further. It has been a brutal wake up call. To see how you fooled me. Did you hurt her? You tried to kill me.

I now know that I underestimated you. I took your kindness for kindness. I could not see far enough to understand your evil kept hidden. What did you do? You tried to kill me.

I could not see past your grief. It seemed so real for real. It never crossed my mind that you were the reason for her to give up, and set herself free. You thief. You killed her.

Why remain dumb? Look at you grieving and scheming. Playing blind, deaf, and cripple.  Just to get closer to your next victim. The next crumb. You tried to kill me.

Whom upon to call? I have to get out of the water for the pain is raw. My wounds are fresh again. My throat is sore. Just us, lost it all. You tried to kill me.

What more to do? BE READY for the next attack. To make sure that fall you will fall. Justice done come, and the face you will see… One meets two. You killed you.


18 comments on “Assassin In Our Midst

  1. I really wanna work with you now. I love the back and forth perspective. Or at least that’s how I interpreted it. I also see so much of the NBP that I have grown to know and like to some in there. That “shall survive” spirit though flimsy when tested I would reckon. But maybe you are super human.

  2. Sorry missy, I have been slacking over the last 24 hours. I’ll get this thing started today for sure. I really don’t wanna half ass toss out words.

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