Some Got More Melanin Than Others

Melanin Electromagnetic ChartMelanin!
By Nibs Ra & Manu Amun

The varied presence of melanin between individuals and ethnic groups is of utmost importance in that it determines what conditions constitute a suitable lifestyle for an individual. For example, for optimal physical, spiritual and mental health, melanin dominant people should live in tropical or equatorial regions where they can get adequate amounts of sunlight. The opposite is true for melanin recessive individuals who would risk genetic defects and cancer when in the presence of abundant direct sunlight.

It is also important to realize that what is a ‘nutritional diet’ varies greatly across races. Bodily mineral levels are non-standard and vary with levels of melanation (higher melanation = higher vitamin/mineral count). Because melanated norms (especially afrikan) are not considered in western medicine, melanated peoples are often under-nourished and mis-diagnosed! Please see ‘Vitamins and Minerals from A to Z’ by Jewel Pookrum for more information on this topic.

“…your mental processes (brain power) are controlled by the same chemical that gives black humans their superior physical (athletics, rhythmic dancing) abilities. This chemical…is melanin!” – Carol Barnes

The abundance of melanin allows for messages to be passed from the brain to different parts of the body much more rapidly in blacks than has been observed in other races. The remarkable capabilities of melanin highlight the most defining and influential differences amongst the races.

You are the universe!
“The melanin dominate African race has the most blood circulation to all types of the skin (derma); absorbs more flavor from food; sees and hears full spectrum color and sound/music; body contains the highest quantity of vitamins and minerals; vibrates more electromagnetic energy; has the fastest nerve and muscle response; possesses the highest brain activity; and is the most psychic, spiritual and civilized people – ‘the people blessed by god.'” (Dr Llaila Afrika, ‘The Gullah’, xi)

Melanin is tightly integrated into the nervous system. Its remarkable ability to accept and process energy and information in the form of light, sound, cosmic rays etc make being black or melanin dominant akin to having a brain on the outside of one’s body! Having two brains enables a kind of hyper-perception. This is an extraordinary gift when considering how it enables us to interact with each other and the universe. Thoughts, feelings and emotions are all emitted as forms of energy that are receivable and processable by melanin. Ancient Afrikans would hold conversations, send images and communicate via the drum from distances of 100’s of miles away! They utilized their melanin’s ability to accept and process information in the form of energy waves.

Televisions and radios are basically externalizations of melanin. They receive and process information via radio and TV waves into images and sounds for us.

The Dogon tribe of Mali are a deeply melanated, dark-skinned people. For thousands of years they have known and recorded intricate details of this galaxy and others including: the rings of Saturn, the moons of Jupiter, the spiral structure of the Milky Way (where our star system lies), and the white dwarf companion star to Sirius. These entities are not visible with the naked eye, yet the Dogons learned of them without the use of technological instruments. They painted these ‘invisible’ astrological patterns on their huts and clothing. This has been a baffling mystery to the Europeans who only learned this knowledge recently and with the aid of high powered telescopes! This is an example of how we as black people can utilize our melanin to perceive information and realities that are imperceptible to melanin recessive individuals.

“Melanin is the physical manifestation of the entire electromagnetic spectrum, so that means that where ever you are, any light that is like you, your melanin is going to be able to pick that up and relay it to your brain because every granule of melanin is directly sitting on a nerve ending, because it is a neuron, it is a form of brain tissue. So if you happen to be jet black, and you are walking around outside, and there is a particular star that is up in the sky, the amount of light that is being pulsated from this particular star will actually hit your melanin granules, your nerves will then relay that to the brain, and it will make an image!” -Jewel Pookrum

Source:  Light Words from The Dark Continent; A Collection of Essays, by Nibs Ra & Manu Amun, Revised Edition, 2009


2 comments on “Some Got More Melanin Than Others

  1. ‘It is also important to realize that what is a ‘nutritional diet’ varies greatly across races.’
    I have never ever even consider this aspect of diet. And it makes so much sense now that I think about it. You out did yourself on this and one, and I really want to hear more about it. I want to know what is the optimal diet for me and can I get my brain chemistry inline again? What should I be eating to maintain my energy level through out the day? How should I be eating to keep my melanin functioning properly? How do I consciously tap into the powers my skin hold? We are magically people that have grounded into dust, and somebody is gonna have to pay for this shit, and I wanna be alive to see it. I have been weighted down with anger, self-hatred, disillusionment, doubt, hopelessness, muted, vanished, marginalized and for what? So that a bunch of greedy mutated sub-humans can thrive? Sorry..

    I have followed the Dogon for many years now, and they to me are what Black people are suppose to be. Knowledge was parted to them from an extraterrestrial race of beings know as the Nommo. Some think the Nommo is a race of off world beings and other think that Nommo is the name of one deity. How ever you slice it they knew way more than they should have known. Now some will tell you that explorers taught the Dogon about these heavenly bodies because we know a bunch mud hut living savages don’t even look up much less study. That would be incorrect as well because these other worldly features weren’t widely known until the relatively modern times. I’ll stop, I know I’m just repeating what you just wrote. But you can forget science acknowledging anything that comes from the Dogon camp. And trust this: the Dogon know far more than they let on. And why were the Dogon chosen for this role and what is the purpose of having such knowledge?

    I almost got teary reading how melanin is far superior and more efficient than any other type skin on this place. This why Black people got to have a foot on their neck’s at all times. No relief is coming to us from any source on this planet. Our help is off world as it has always been. I do think that there is a group of Black people here now that I call “us” who live in complete amnesia. While I don’t hold out hope for a rescue anytime soon, I want Black people to know who they are, what they come from, the power that they hold. That in and of itself is the rescue, the lack knowledge of self has always been our biggest downfall. And please don’t think the rulers don’t know that. They know we can fly, as in leave the ground.

    Thank you sis for another excellent, excellent, most excellent expose. I really got emotional on this one. To me this is a sign that we are waking up, and that is the very best news I’ve had all life.

    • Much appreciated, but all praise go to Ra and Amun. I am only a novice, I do not even know one eye from the others. As for your story. I will get to it. Peace.

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