Shut Up or Shut Down

Blue Devil PillShut up. There is going to be war regardless. Shut down. This is what you get when the puppets do not stick to shutting up and working harder. Instead they still find the time to criticize the government on its planned war in Syria and Iran.  On September 11th there was the general warning. Did we listen? We tried to, but we did not have the right key to unlock the message.

Instead of shutting up, the protests against the war in Syria grew louder. Protesters were listening without the ears to hear, watching without the eyes to see. Deaf and blind, they were ready for punishment. For punishment is still the name of the game. Thou protesteth too much? Let us see how much protesting thou willeth be able to do on an empty stomach.

There you have it. The real enemy shows itself. But to most it is still not clear. People fall back on political divisions and parties again. GOP, Tea Party, the right wing. Bladibla and more bla. One shutdown and people forget that it is all staged? That is what you get when you drink fluoridated water and eat GMO food. It leaves you with a short memory span.

There is war, and there will be war. Protest too much, and you will get shut down. They do not use drones on us. That is, not as much as they would like to. This System deals with the robots, puppets and sheeple that it owns indirectly. That is, indirectly first and ever more directly with each next step. We have been made dependent on the government to pay us, feed us, care for us. Instead of growing up to realize that we have been lured into a trap. Now they can just take away our toys. Toys like money, education, even food.

Who needs money in a System that accepts no other way of trading, and provides the false information through schooling to keep it that way? Who needs education in a System that only needs mindless zombies to do as told, and not interfere with a ‘necessary’ war? Who needs food when one has the stomach to protest against war too much? Welfare, Medicare and Intelligence. That is what we need! It is time to wake up and learn to want it.

Syria and Shutdown. Obama said that he was prepared to negotiate with anyone. We have to add the rest to the empty promise ourselves. That the people are not part of any negotiations. So, if we will be so kind to shut up, or else we will get shutdown. “You know how much it costs to not be able to bomb Syria to bits?” Well, look at your next government paycheck – or the ones that will be missing – and add it up yourself.

Are people still willing to speak up when the price they pay is visible on their absent paycheck? We shalleth see. People will have to vote by their actions. To speak up or slave down. The red pill or the blue pill? It is all sour grapes by now.




2 comments on “Shut Up or Shut Down

  1. Literat says:

    “Well, look at you”(sic) next government paycheck, or the ones that will be missing, and add it up yourself.

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