Great, Greater, Greatest Evil

Black face EpiphanyTHE GREATEST OF EVILS
By Atiba King (1998)

The greatest of Evils will flourish during times of extreme amnesia. When beings forget the lessons of the land, the lessons of life, and the original reasons for existence, evil moves to fill the void.

Time never stops and nature always changes. To live with nature is to accept change and grow. Change brings an opportunity to learn something new, an opportunity to grow in new directions. To reject change is to reject growth. To reject growth is to reject life. To reject life is to reject the teachings of the Creator of all existence.

True change is never something that is forced on others. True change is a manifestation of the love within all beings. Love/Change/Life originates in the spark of Godhead within each and every life force in existence. You must love yourself. You must learn how to conduct yourself so that you can live with yourself and others in a harmonious communion with all life. In that way you can accept knowledge and change as a Godsend. Those who reject the opportunity for inner change have forgotten the reason for life. Those who seek to force change on others are suffering from delusions of normality. They think they live the proper life. They have forgotten all the changes they made in the past to put themselves in the positions they presently occupy.

The changes individuals make in themselves over a single lifetime have to be small due to the shortness of our lives. True change originates within each individual whereas the effects are mainly observable in our offspring. Therefore, in order to observe real change we must examine the record of life that we call history. We must know more than the history of war and dominance. We must learn the history of all aspects of Life, Death, Love, And Illusion. When the history of war is studied don’t just study the words of the victors, study the loser’s version, and study the version of those that observed the battle and took no sides. The truth can be found only after divergent opinions are taken into consideration.

The history of beings cannot truthfully be studied in monthly or yearly increments. The minimum unit of examination has to be the decade. Nations and cultures must be examined over centuries. In this way you will come to realize that at one time the dominant culture was the poorest, most subservient culture on the face of the land. You will be able to see what the mighty did to fall and what the lowly did to rise. No one leads forever except the Creator. The Creator is the exception that verifies the rule.

The Creator began all life and made all the rules. The first rule of creation is to love yourself and give love to all who wish to receive love. A gift of love should be freely given and freely received. When the gift is misused or rejected the giver should withdraw and apologize. Any attempt to force a love offering on another is proof that there is no love in the offering.

The creator never forces beings to change. We have a choice. Whenever a group of beings forces another group of beings to make changes against their will the first group is not acting with love. The Creator is love. The Creator acts to manifest love. When beings show love for each other and all things they are acting in harmony with the Creator. They are acting in God’s will. To do the opposite is to oppose God’s will and to act in an anti-Godlike manner.

In our day there are a people and their culture that seeks to force its ways on all the land. They will do anything and say anything to achieve dominance over all life. In their most holy of books they claim ownership of the image of God and mistranslate his word to say they were given dominion over all life on this planet. They even teach us as children that life has always been as it is today. These are the ultimate lies designed to indoctrinate the spirit with despair and hopelessness.

These most heinous of lies are designed to destroy the spirit of love and truth in all of us in the hope that we will not even attempt to alter our way of living. The culture that would spread such filth will eventually destroy itself. Such a culture must be avoided and rejected. Such a culture is anti-love, anti-change, and anti-life. They are the enemy. Don’t give them Love, show them Love. AVOID THEM FOR THEY CARRY THE PLAGUE!

Source: Tehuti Online


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