The Delicious Pleasures of Racism


14 comments on “The Delicious Pleasures of Racism

    • You guys were thinking that I was making it up, huh? I fail the words to describe the insanity to the fullest. So, I brought in some reinforcement.
      Still eager to fly over to Hell Land?

    • These people have something missing in them and they project that on everything else. And this is what Black Pete looks up to and wants to emulate? Not me, I’ll gladly take my bow now and exit stage left.

      Aren’t these the same people that take a live monkey and crack it’s head open and eat it’s still living brain?

    • Black Pete is white. How can someone believe that it is just about colored skin? You have to be a child to believe that blackface makes Black. To look up to white Pete or Black Pete is indeed insanity.

      White Pete has told me plenty of times: “I will eat anything.” Does that answer your rhetorical question?

    • My mistake, I know Black Pete is white; I meant to say Black people not Black Pete looks up and wants to emulate.

      My glasses come tomorrow.

      I don’t know if you watch The Walking Dead, but if you don’t I’ll gently suggest you check it out. It is a prime example of Black males being emasculated. And American Horror Story, this one is so covertly racist you’d have to be catatonic not to pick it up.

    • Lol @ glasses.

      Should I feel bored at any moment then I will watch some of that brain poison. Until then I will just work to get the old poison out of my system. Peace.

    • This ain’t poison if you know it’s poison. These shows are meant for the initiated, the rest can see right through them was a quickness.

      I’m among the ranks that know the deal as much as the deal can be known. Methinks you are probably in this same crowd.

      Glasses came today and my monitor never looks so big and bright. I might even enjoy writing again. And this little tiny device that I’m on right now is fun again.

    • You know that story about the Japanese guy who was not afraid of eating the blowfish lliver filled with poison? He ate seven sushi rolls. And… died.

      You keep your eye on those serials, while I dig a bit deeper into the murky water. Sigh.

      I look forward to reading about eye sight and wellbeing. Peace.

    • Life is far too short not to have one guilty pleasure. I can assure you that I well remain intact, my indulgence is not to a critical stage as of this writing. Besides, I have cut all the processed sugar in my life. That by itself should keep my batteries running more efficiently.

      The glasses came, I wear them, now I just gotta get use seeing the world more clearly now. In fact, I see so much better now I may get depressed and have to abandon those spectacles. Let’s hope for the best.

    • No depression, this is your season. You are supposed to save the rest. Just get youself an apple to suck on. Peace.

    • LOL!! Those honeycrisp have come and gone. I’m on to my second favorite fruit which is pomegranate. I get them by the dozen and take all the seeds out and put those seeds in sandwich bags.

      Depression can’t get to me this time of year. I was just using a bit of creative license.

    • I will pass on granate comments. It would be sad if you slipped while hiking. Peace.

    • LOL!! I have not one clue what you mean by any of that.

    • Your alter had said something about “born day”, “hiking” and “dogs”. But, that might have been yesterday. Too confusing. I need another break…

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