Halloween Racism at its Worst


The following is based on a Tumblr page by Alien Babe from planet Zargon.

Ah yes. Halloween, the time of year when kids and adults dress up in costumes, get candy, go to fun parties and turn in to cable TV to see Linus miss the Great Pumpkin for the billionth time.

It is also a time when people of color are further detached from their humanity in the name of costume sales. White folks will dress up as Geisha girls, pimps, rappers, video girls with stuffed backsides wearing black face, Mexican, Indian and Native American stereotypes, and whatever else costume companies will come up with that reduces nonwhites into cartoony outfits.

With Halloween, liberal hipster racism comes out to play. It is anything but harmless fun, and the white people are not clueless as to not know. Their closet racism comes out in full force, even if it…

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