Blackface is NOT okay

Why are happy (gay) men all over the blackface bandwagon?

feeling this

There has been a lot of talk surrounding “blackface” lately, and most of it aimed towards the fashion industry. If you’re confused, don’t worry, because I was too. I had never heard of the term “blackface” before ever in my life. I didn’t know it was something so outrageously offensive, but yet taken so lightly. And maybe that’s the reason why I had never heard of it before… because it’s not talked about enough.

But Halloween is coming up, and so is the endless slew of over-the-top costumes. Blackface has already made quite a few appearances. Blackface is a term used to describe when people of lighter skin apply dark makeup to make themselves look a different, darker, color. Now, I know I’ve seen this kind of makeup before. But I had no clue how offensively people took it, and my own ignorance is probably to blame for that. But…

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5 comments on “Blackface is NOT okay

  1. I would have known blackface was such a hot topic of late I would have chosen a different photo for my piece. Or maybe it was right on time.

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