Here We Go Again: Orange County Man Dresses Up As Trayvon Martin…Another Dons Blackface As Tupac (PHOTOS)

As a jhw he made fun of the Holocaust. Blackface allowed him to make fun of Trayvon. How many more times do I have to say it? Black Pete is white…

Global Grind

Trayvon Blackface

The trolls and racist ghouls are on a roll this Halloween season.

Photographs of yet another young white male dressed in blackface as Trayvon Martin have hit the internet and needless to say, they are just as disgusting and disrespectful as can be.

According to OC Weekly, the offender was identified as Media Blitz singer Jason Schwartz. OC Weekly tracked down Schwartz on Facebook after a tipster brought the above photo to their attention. And even though he had no issues dressing up as the slain teenager and posting the picture on Facebook, he later erased it from his profile.

He did, however, give this statement to OC:

I have never felt worse in my life. It was never my intention to hurt people’s feelings. I have always had a morbid sense of humor and I think that it is from trying to cope with the horrors of…

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