How Low Can You Go: white people and their racist Halloween costumes 2013 edition

Okay, last one. Mainly, not solely, because I can let go of “creepy cracker” and back to “racist cracker”. Too much? Black.

United States Hypocrisy

As if “Dancing with the Stars” alumni and D-list celebrity Julianne Hough’s Halloween outfit – in which she painted her face brown in a failed attempt to make herself look like an African American character from the Netflix show “Orange is the New Black” – wasn’t enough buffoonery for one week, dozens of images of white people donning black make-up in an overtly racist manner have been popping up all over the web. While Hough subsequently apologized and delivered the standard “I didn’t mean to offend anyone” line, others have been putting together costumes and throwing parties with so-called “culturally-based” themes in order that they might put their unabashed racism on display for all their friends to see, while simultaneously claiming it’s “all in good fun.”

Of the many cruel and offensive stereotypes perpetuated in these costumes, however, there was one trio’s get-up that certainly took the cake when it…

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9 comments on “How Low Can You Go: white people and their racist Halloween costumes 2013 edition

  1. crackpot says:

    You mean “creepy ass cracka”?

  2. I think we should start doing whiteface………………..NAH!!! not ever worth wasting the time.

    • Black people have been doing white face with clay for centuries. Not to portray white Pete, but to portray the DEAD. And there are people who get so ashy in this sick climate that they will actually look white (okay, grey). Peace.

    • LOL!!! Thank you for that laugh sis. I have seen the ashy, but not that ashy. Lucky for me with my dark skin, it doesn’t really get that dry here and with a little care I can avoid the ashy skin thing. LOL!!!

      When I say “whiteface” I mean it in the shallowest terms. No meaning but poking fun at the ones who think it funny to poke fun.

    • Laughs are free. I took creative permission to twist words. To keep it light. To forget about that episode on Tyra Banks where that sick boy was donned with whiteface, claiming to feel better getting uglied down. And I am not sure if whitening is not white-facing. MJ got so white that white kids nowadays think that he was one of them. Other than that… Yawn.

    • Yeah, vitiligo and all like that. Who would thought that a skin disease would cause recessive children.

    • LOL!!! My turn to laugh. Donkey shaking and all!

    • Donkey shaking….I think they call that twerking in the ill informed world.

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