On Mariah… Uh, Miriam Carey

Miriam CareyCrazy Black woman rammed White House gate? With her baby girl in the car? Huh?

Yes, I am late to the party. I was very busy untying myself from Katrina and some other minor inconveniences. Besides, I like to show up late so there is no need to make awkward conversations about Scandal or whatever junk is served up on tele-sick-vision, waiting for the drunks to start losing control over the thin veils that keep them from having their say. I come in when the drunks are all-ready to spill the beans.

Just to make sure that I get this ‘party’, I bring in some help from a hoax theorist who did a great job on the Obama faints.

Let us take a look at video number one.

Someone needs to get very clear on this nonsense. Is this what they show in Scandal too? Or is there some other Holly-sick show that prepares the walking dead to belie themselves? So many questions, not enough time to tackle all the bits of insanity that stack up to form quite an impressive tower of babble.

Let us take a look at video number two.

I am not fond of their bible. But, as stolen property, it cannot help but to enclose truth within the lies.

As for miss Carey and family, all the best. I will leave it at that. There is no need to add insult to injury.


7 comments on “On Mariah… Uh, Miriam Carey

  1. Very good sis. I just saw a video on this event and the guy that made has also looked at other recent events and found them to just as fake. The Kenyan Mall attack, Sandy Hook, Aurora Colo., and a few others. My only question would be: what is the purpose of faking then high publicizing these events? Rhetorically of course.

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