Warn You Once Warn Me Twice

Easily Bruised


No. Leave now or I will have to shoot you.
You are evil and I have a need to get rid of you.
You are a low life hustler who thinks nothing of dragging down a queen.
Trying to relieve yourself of the evil that you take as your soul.
I will trump your hate. Just refuse to move and watch me explode.
End of the road. You need to get out of that door, or I will cut your life short.


Maybe. Change now or I will have to leave you.
You seem so confused and I have a need to help you.
You took a chance on a queen, so I will hustle to help you up.
Trying to be a better man and treat me as you promised before.
You lean on me. Just choose to fight even though things make no sense.
Times are rough. You want to get well again and I will remain strong.


Yes. Shoot up love or I will have to change you.
You are my soulmate and I have a need to share my life with you.
You are a king and you have found your long lost queen.
Trying to share the life of love that you painted for me so smoothly.
I look to you. Just protect me from sick eyes and enemies.
On bended knee. You will to cherish the charm and all that is me.


5 comments on “Warn You Once Warn Me Twice

  1. I know this, and it’s foreign at the same time. I saw it and watched from the outside. We all have at sometime in our lives. Let’s hope we are learning. VERY GOOD SIS.

    I have one like this in the same vein. http://depressionmymuse.wordpress.com/2012/08/11/but-i-hurt-her/

    • Good looking out. I filed this in the wrong year, it will be posted on the 23rd as it was meant to. I put in some space to see if I want to leave it as is.

      Surely, I am not advocating violence. I just want to give slight insight in what makes some of us really go there. Unable to detect illness in the beginning, makes some of us have to fight in the end.

      Your piece seems very much like the other side of the second couplet. You explained it in the comments well too. He does/may not want to hurt her, but he does. She wants to help, but she cannot. Most of us have been there.

      Much wisdom, courage, strength to those who are still there…

      Much appreciated HLJ.

  2. I can relate to this one on so many fronts. First as a daughter of a man who beat my mother. I had to pull him off of her. Second, as a victim of domestic violence, myself, I had to leave him as he was controlling. He did not want me to talk to my own sister on the phone. I was too loud, he said as he was watching a ‘wrestling’ program. What concentration is necessary to watch ‘wrestling’? Thankfully, I had skills and education and fled, went underground until I could come up fighting and when I did, I denounced his ass and had long since moved on.

    This was a powerful post! You will find that many people can relate to it, unfortunately.

    • Much appreciated. As I said before, you did a good thing in saving your self from getting further hell. (Seriously paraphrasing.) People who take their insanity out on other people, cannot change without serious and prolonged help. Not in one week, or one month. Nope. It may take years. And that is when they want to change.

      This piece is to highlight mental abuse. No external wounds, but deep emotional cuts and serious internal damage nevertheless. To come to a point of drowning in your own suffering, or to cause him to really suffer if he does not get the hell out of your house.

      The question people ask is: “why get involved in the first place?” Or, “why not leave sooner?” Well. does the same judgmental society not blame women for not giving decent looking men a chance, or couples breaking up too soon? Too late AND too soon? Which one is it?!

    • At one time, I wondered why my parents stayed together and in the not too distant past, I asked my mother why did she take so many years of mental, emotional and physical abuse from my father. His mistreatment of her caused her to take it out on us. We were of course, too young to understand the whys and some people never can figure it out. Some stay until it is too late. My mother’s answer as to why she stuck it out until my dad’s passing and I quote, “I thought it would get better.” Seriously?, after 40 some years and it never got any ‘better’ and that is why she stuck it out?!! Not really! Believe me! She had other reasons that had nothing to do with thinking that ‘it would get better’.

      Well, in this judgmental world we live in, people are damned if they do and damned if they don’t.

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