Cut to Bits

Black and White
I cannot look at you
Without seeing the pus
Run push through
Your every pore

You disgust me
Please trust me

Please do not cry
For me to have
Long endured your
Hate inside me

I cannot save me

I cannot listen to you
Without hearing this
Tireless screeching
Of your sick soul

You nauseate me
Please rejuvenate me

Please do not get
Out of her bed
For it will make
Your liesĀ fall apart

I cannot save you

I cannot take your smell
As your demons
Still breathe through
Your filthy thoughts

You alarm me
Please charm me

Please do not look
At me as if
I am getting
What I deserve

I needĀ to save me


5 comments on “Cut to Bits

  1. The disconnect we all have within this life is stark in this piece. The disgust that we sometimes miss for whatever reason, you clearly picked up on. The confusion that is almost inbred is evident. I guess we are kindred spirits our journey of discovery.

    Really good purge sis.

    • Much appreciated. The more because you recognize the purge. I need to unload some of this poison and be well on my way.

      I have predated these poems. Do they get in your reader regardless?

    • Yes, it got to my reader. I really don’t visit my reader often as I get overwhelmed. I feel the need to read everything in there.

      I have to vomit up that poison as well, but those pieces can be vile and they never see the light of cyberspace.

    • Okay. I will post them under private from now on. As I have a few more to dump in cyberspace.

      Ooh. Hiding the good stuff, huh. Suit yourself. Peace.

  2. “I cannot take your smell…”

    I know just how you feel.

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