Hiding Black Presidents

Stop Saying Obama is the first Black Prez.. He’s the Seventh
By Reality (2008)

Welcome to Chuuch Today Babies – the sermon is all about “Acceptance of History and Black Presidents

We repeat this history lesson, because there is so much negative discussion on the color of the newly elected president – Barack Obama. He is a Black Man. Our Friend Bria of youbettarecognize blog sited the amount of animosity she’s encountered since the election; specifically in relation to who was the first Black Prez. so this one is for Bria Bria and all those inquiring minds.  we also hope you’ll click our poll. it’s purely unscientific but meant to illustrate the lack of honesty in our own US History. I won’t say racism is the reason for the tension; but something needs to give. Thank God and the Historians for This Change. lets ALL make it happen.

There were other Black Presidents before President Obama. some of us believe this; some of us question it. so take it with which ever side you want to claim. we stand convinced that the historians are correct and fyi, we love J.A. Rogers.

Take a look at the facts about who was Black In the White House Before Obama

This is from “The Voice Online”

Why Obama won’t be the first black president
BY Dotun Adebayo

TRENDY YOUNG Nichelle Carr is one of the high-flying African American attorneys backing Obama from these shores. She works for the top law firm Linklaters, which advises the world’s leading companies, financial institutions and governments, and represents a new class of black middle class here in Britain.

She had dinner at my home the other evening, and I couldn’t help wondering whether she should be as excited as she is about the prospect of America’s first black president. After all, Obama will not be the first.

If African-Americans knew the real story of their history, I wonder how many of them would be jumping up and down as if Obama was the second coming. He’s not even the third coming, or the fourth. In fact, if he kicks John McCain into touch come November, Barack will be the SEVENTH black president of the United. Yes, seventh.

dwight d eisenhower

Remember, it’s racist America we’re talking about, where the one drop rule applies (one drop of African blood). In which case Dwight D. Eisenhower, the wartime general who became president in the fifties, is a bruvva.

13698 Why We Must Participate in order to bring about CHANGEAs one historian has recently pointed out, Eisenhower’s mum, Ida Elizabeth Stover Eisenhower, was black.

DARK TRUTH: Dwight Eisenhower’s parents on their wedding day in 1888

Black historians have written extensively that Thomas Jefferson, Andrew Jackson, Abraham Lincoln, Warren G. Harding, Calvin Coolidge and Dwight Eisenhower had black ancestors. These historians include Joel A. Rodgers, Dr. Leroy Vaughn, and Dr. Auset Bakhufu.

Black historians, however, were not the first to write about the five presidents’ racially mixed families. White historians and political opponents also wrote about their black ancestors, but the books were either destroyed, went out of print or are hard to find.

The difference between Obama and these presidents is that they all passed for white (which he obviously can’t do) and shunned their dark-skinned relatives to hide their racial backgrounds.

thomas jeffersonIn Thomas Jefferson’s case, there is even evidence that his daughter remained a slave during his presidency (check out the book The President’s Daughter by William Wells Brown).

Jefferson, America’s third president, had an Indian mother and a mulatto father. Jefferson destroyed all of the papers, portraits and personal effects of his mother, Jane Randolph Jefferson, when she died on March 31, 1776. He even wrote to everyone who had received letters from his mother to ask that they return them.

andrew jacksonAndrew Jackson, the nation’s seventh’s president, was the son of a black man and an Irish woman. His brother, according to articles and books, was sold into slavery.

https://i2.wp.com/badgals-radio.com/wp-content/uploads/HLIC/29e63b58effdce4a4406e68b92901c49.jpgBut the blackest of the presidents was Warren G. Harding, the 29th president, who served in office from 1921 to 1923. White historians claim Harding was of English and Dutch ancestry, but in truth both his parents were black.

Harding’s black ancestors escaped from the South to the North via the Underground Railroad He even attended a college for fugitive slaves at a time when it would have been unthinkable for any white person to attend such an institution.

Iberia College, in Ohio, was founded to educate fugitive slaves – it’s now called Ohio Central College. When Republicans asked Harding to deny that he was a ‘negro’, Harding said, “How should I know whether or not one of my ancestors might have jumped the fence?”

Harding’s own brother and sisters were raised and treated like ‘coloured’ people. According to one historian, Harding used makeup to lighten his complexion.

abraham lincoln

Abraham Lincoln, the 16th US president,

was the illegitimate son of an African man. Lincoln’s mother, Nancy, described her son as having very dark skin and coarse hair.Historians maintain that Thomas Lincoln was Abraham Lincoln’s father, but William H. Herndon, Lincoln’s law partner, disputes that assumption.

After Lincoln’s assassination in 1865, Herndon contacted everyone who knew Lincoln and documented his life. According to the book, The Hidden Lincoln, From The Letters And Papers Of William H. Herndon, Herndon argued that Thomas Lincoln could not have been Abraham Lincoln’s father because he was sterile as a result of childhood mumps.

calvin coolidge and family

Calvin Coolidge, America’s 30th president,

admitted that his mother, Victoria Josephine Moor Coolidge, was dark because she was of mixed Indian ancestry. By then of course (1800) New England Indians were not pure because so many of them married black folk.You see why Garvey said it was important to know your history before we start showing the world how ignorant of our past we are? That’s the Yanks taken care of. I haven’t even started on our black queen Elizabeth II and the other bruvvas and sistas in the royal family.

From the Book
Black People And Their Place In World History
By: Dr. Leroy Vaughn

Source: http://badgals-radio.com/stop-saying-obama-is-the-first-black-prez


7 comments on “Hiding Black Presidents

  1. Of course, it is just my opinion, but regardless of whether or not Obama is the 1st Black president or the 10th, Black Americans have not fared well under any of them, Lincoln included since when the slaves were ‘freed’, they had no property, no decent education, due the fact of it having been a crime to teach a slave to read and write. That is why the South knew that it would limit the voting ability of Black people if they initiated literacy tests and poll taxes. They knew that many Black people of that era were uneducated and living in extreme poverty. Not much of that has changed to this day, especially in the South where many still lack indoor plumbing and couldn’t even read their own name. Obama wouldn’t be ‘Black’ either if he could have passed for ‘white’. He is just a puppet anyway, an extremely willing puppet for his masters.

  2. These people would rather bath in razor blades and rinse in lemon juice than to admit to there Blackness. Much Like Gay Edger Hoover.

  3. Obama may or may not have been the first “black” President of the United States but he is certainly the first NOT to deny being African American(can you imagine Dwight “Ike” Eisenhower going public in the 1950s as to his “tainted” ancestry???) Oh BTW, although he was never President, there are persistent suggestions that longtime FBI director J.Edgar Hoover in addition to be a closeted gay with transvestite tendencies was “passing”( ie pretending to be white)

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